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The creative range of toys from ALEX make ideal gifts for children and offer a wide variety of imaginative, engaging toys and games.

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Magic Tracer

Designed to enable children to trace without tracing paper! Place the image on one side, tilt the reflector and trace the image, supplied with 5 pictures, sheets of paper and pencils.

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Easy Spin Pottery Wheel

Hands-free, easy to use pottery wheel with shaping tools, water spray, paint, brush, glue and decorative trimmings, all set into a work console with foot pedal.  A fantastic set for the first-time potter with storage to keep everything easily to hand.  Includes soft air-drying clay.

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Knot-a-Quilt Pattern

Create a snuggly fleece blanket, with a bright patchwork of patterns and colours and no sewing!

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