Toys for Grandchildren

Toys for Grandchildren

When my wife and I started Mulberry Bush twelve years ago our aim was to build a collection of traditional toys and games that Grandparents would want to buy for their grandchildren.  Lots of wooden toys, not too much plastic, nothing to do with computers, and none of those character or film related toys that are the “must have” one Christmas and gone the next.  The only slight snag was that we weren’t grandparents ourselves, nor indeed did we have a single child in the family to buy for, our own all being well past that stage.  But we seem to have managed with, we believe, many thousands of satisfied customers over the years – grandparents and parents, uncles and aunts.

Now we too have joined the Grandparent brigade with the arrival of Max, just a month ago.  We’re still adjusting to being a generation older but he’s going to change our perspective entirely.  Now when we look at samples or our stock we’re saying “Oh Max will like that” and “When he’s a bit older Max would love one of these”.  He’s probably going to be a little spoiled, and when we met him for the first time just a few weeks ago we rather overdid the soft toys.  But isn’t that what Grandparents are supposed to do?

Now we have our own live product tester we really look forward to telling you which toys have proved to be his favourites, and finding out from him and his toddler friends what we should be including in our range.  Grannies and Granddads watch this space!

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