Toys for Expatriates

Toys for Expatriates

We regularly receive orders for toys and games from overseas, or to be sent overseas, but calculating the Postage & Packing cost is frequently difficult.  The cost depends on the weight and size of the parcel, where it is to be sent, what service is to be used etc.  Given the number of countries, we have been asked to send to the permutations are enormous.

We tell our customers that we will advise the actual cost of delivery, (plus a small handling charge), which is to be added to the order.  We send an e-mail advising the cost of P & P, and the total cost.  This works fine but means the customer has to place the order before having any idea of the delivery cost.  Now we have put a table on our Postage & Delivery page which we hope will be helpful for those customers in mainland Europe.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve noticed a marked increase in the numbers of orders from European countries, probably a sad reflection on the present value of Sterling.  unfortunately, we are still unable to send to USA and Canada so cannot offer such tremendous value for $ customers.

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