Quadrabyke – the ultimately versatile bike for children

Quadrabyke – the ultimately versatile bike for children

This is a chid’s bike that starts as a 4 wheeler, then can quickly and easily be changed to a trike by removing one front wheel and repositioning the other by means of the clever axle system.  Then when your child is ready the rear wheels are changed in the same way converting the same frame into a first pedalled two-wheeler bike.  This is such a fantastic idea we thought it well worth putting on the front cover of our catalogue, even though at that time we knew it would not be in stock for a few weeks.

The QuadraByke is the brainchild of former Raleigh designer Tony Wayman who has been in the business of designing bicycles and wheeled toys for 25 years. We saw it for the first time at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and could see it was the obvious next step from the Wooden Trainer bikes that are so popular – but this has pedals, brakes and all the trappings of a proper first bike – which is exactly what it is.

If you want more technical information and to see it in action take a look at Quadrabyke’s own website, and even see it in action.  We’ll be adding more information to our own site shortly but in the meantime, we are delighted to say that the two styles we’re offering are now in stock, and at £104.99 our price is very competitive.

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