Online Page-turn Catalogue for Mulberry Bush

Online Page-turn Catalogue for Mulberry Bush

We’re delighted that our Spring and Summer catalogue is proving popular with our customers but, if you haven’t seen it, you don’t have to wait for the postman.  Over the Easter weekend, we have introduced an on-line, page-turning copy of the paper catalogue on our website which has a number of helpful features.  You can see it here

Every product in the catalogue links through to the corresponding page on the website, so if you like the look of something and want to order it then just click on the picture or text, the associated web-page will come up and you can quickly add it to your basket.

If you already have a paper catalogue, have worked out what you want to order and, maybe, have marked the pages, then it’s a simple matter to flick through the pages on the online version, clicking on each toy you want so as to bring up its’ web-page, then adding it to your shopping basket.

The zoom facility in the bottom toolbar lets you see the pages and the products in very high detail – great if you want to look closely at a particular toy.

There’s a very handy search facility too. Just type in the name or description of the toy you’re looking for in the search box – top right of the screen – and click on the looking glass icon to see all the possibilities that match your search term. Click on that and you’ll go straight to the page where the search term will be highlighted.

If you want you can print your own copy of a page, or all the pages if you like (but if you live in the UK and want a copy it’s probably just as easy to call us or fill in the online form and we’ll send you one) or print the catalogue order form so as to send an order to us by post, if that is what you’d rather do.

You can even add bookmarks and notes, which will come in handy when Christmas approaches. But let’s not think about that yet, please!

So – in summary, a very handy tool. Not a replacement for the website itself, nor for the paper catalogue, but a nice adjunct. It works really well on a brisk broadband connection but might be slower to load if you live some distance from the exchange. Well worth any wait though.

We’d appreciate any feedback.  What do you think?

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