Is it compatible with Brio ?

Is it compatible with Brio ?

Mulberry Bush sell loads of Bigjigs Rail wooden trains, train sets and accessories – and other brands too – but one question we are often asked is “Is it compatible with Brio?”.  The simple answer is yes, and indeed so much has Bigjigs rail grown over the last few years – to the extent that they may well now be the market leader – that the question now ought to be “Is it compatible with Bigjigs Rail?”

Another conversation we regularly have is “I bought a starter train set from Ikea.  Will extra track and accessories, from other manufacturers, fit?”

The quick answer to that one is “Not very well” – and more to come on that in this series – but this got us thinking that there isn’t a definitive guide to the world of wooden railways and whether they work with each other.  Over the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of articles that we hope will go some way to filling that gap, and we’ll produce a table to show the various brands we’ve tested for an at-a-glance reference.

Figure-of-8-set-bigjigsIn addition, we’ll be highlighting what we think are the strengths of the various brands and, if we think there are any, the weaknesses.

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