John Crane Rail Track – Does it fit with Brio?

John Crane Rail Track – Does it fit with Brio?

As we know, Bigjigs Rail and Brio wooden railway track and trains are compatible.  (For full details see our article about these two brands).  What about extra track from the John Crane Branching Out (now Tidlo) range?  Will this fit with either or both?  Mulberry Bush has a large selection of track pieces of various lengths and shapes from various brands.  The photo below shows pieces of John Crane track connected to a section of Bigjigs Rail track connected in turn to a Brio buffer piece, with Thomas the Tank Engine – from the Thomas and Friends wooden range – happily running on the combined track.

As can be seen the connectors from the three brands are identical and the track is the same width and depth.  As the picture makes clear the track pieces all fit together easily, showing that John Crane track is fully compatible with these two major brands, and most others.


The John Crane track is made of beech and is beautifully finished – very smooth to the touch.  Our picture shows one of the two curved switch tracks that come in a set and a couple of mini-straights which are very useful for joining track in large or complicated layouts.  See the full selection of our extra track sections.

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