Top Ten Christmas Stocking Fillers

Top Ten Christmas Stocking Fillers

Father Christmas has now authorised us to announce the top stocking fillers he’s ordered from us for this Christmas – and all under £7.  He’s ordered 100s of each of these from us so we are pleased to recommend them to you.  Fortunately, despite his orders, we have stock left, but we don’t know when he’s going to want more so get your order in soon!

Here’s his Top Ten so far.

Pirate Skittles
Astro Projection Torch
Batwing Gyro Flyer
Wooly Willy Face
Wind-Up Gigantipede
Flashing Electromite
Fairy Skittles
Boot Bling
Mini  Eco Ladybird Torch

All great fun to wake up to on Christmas morning

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