Turn off the TV and get outside!

Turn off the TV and get outside!

A news article in The Times shows a worrying trend that children under 12 spend less than 2 hours a day outside – even in summer – and cannot recognise conkers or insects! Many children prefer to stay inside watching TV and playing computer games which does not bode well for a healthy lifestyle or future development. Our advice? Switch off the TV and computers and take them out to play in the fresh air in the garden or park. Why not take them on a look and listen nature walk and talk about the plants and birds seen on the way?  Fun, exercise and informative!
This same article* quotes research that says that making a den was top of children’s wish-lists for outdoor activities so why not make their dreams come true and have a look at our popular Den Kit for a real outdoor adventure?  It’s bound to be a summer winner.

*The Times, 23rd April 2014

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