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Bath Toys

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Bath Toys can make bath time even more fun for toddlers. Children's bath toys can squirt, blow bubbles or fizz while they clean and, let's be honest, can be just as much fun for grownups too! From paddling ducks to magnetic boats and pretend shaving sets there are children's bath toys that will make bathtime the highlight of their day! You can even encourage your own future Banksy with bath toys like bath time crayons that draw on the skin, tiles or the bath then wash off easily afterwards. There's a range of safe, colourful and educational bath toys that will delight your little water baby and practical baby bath toys that will make bath time an enjoyable experience for all the family. And if your child shows nervousness in the water then a fun bath toy can help them increase their confidence.

Within the our range we include Bath Squirters, Bath Boats & Subs that swim in the bath, traditional Bath Ducks & Bath Puzzles & Stickers