Perfect Bedtime Routines

Perfect Bedtime Routines

Bedtime, it comes around everyday and can be a major struggle for a lot of children (or their parents). However with a good routine and setting the right calming mood it can become something that is enjoyable and cherished. To try and help, we have selected some of the toys we think will be helpful to create the perfect bedtime routine.

Getting a baby settled into a sleeping pattern can be one of the toughest parenting challenges. Sleeping through the night is often viewed as one of the first developmental milestones and definitely one of the most rewarding. Of course every baby is different but we found having a familiar object or comforter often helped them drift of into the land of nod. We suggest something snugly like the Pink or Blue Bear Comforters or a beautifully soft Bashful Bunny.

Top Tip! 
When buying a comforter, consider the possibility of buying a spare one. If one gets lost in the park or left at Granny’s house, you always have that emergency back up. This way there won’t be tears and their bedtime can continue as normal.

As children start to grow and their personalities start to blossom, it can be tougher to negotiate a bedtime solution, especially once the little cherubs master the word “NO”.

As parents ourselves, we found that sticking to your routine can be a useful defense, as the child learns that bedtime is non-negotiable. A bath can be a beneficial in that adjustment from being up and active to slowly winding things down. Bath time toys help keep things fun. Our Bath Water Wheel is great as it has plenty of bits to twist and fiddle with which control the water and increase the fun. This gentle play helps the child relax as they sit and focus on the activity in hand. We also like simple toys such as the Sailing Boat Penguin who can become the hero in a bath time adventure. Of course once the bath is over its PJ’s on and off to bed you go. Easy!

Bedtime stories are one the of the most magical things about being a child. We all have our favourite tales of woe and mischief. One of the best ways to make theses stories even more special is to add a personal touch. Our Personalised Modern Nursery Rhymes book helps to keep a child engaged and focused on the narrative as they have the opportunity to find their name hidden within the illustrations. As they get a bit older, you can even make them the star of the story with our personalised classics such as Alice (or ‘Rebecca’ for example) in Wonderland or Treasure Island staring young ‘Richard’ as Jim Hawkins.

Older Children
As children start to get older and a bit more independent they might prefer to get into their own routine. We don’t mean staying up past bedtime, more just settling down and reading to themselves or perhaps listening to an audio book. We find that a softer gentle light can help them relax and feel sleepy. Our Jellyfish Mood Light or Volcano Lamp are just perfect for proving a gentle and relaxing focus point that they can watch until they drift off. Alternatively, the Unicorn Mood Light is also a lovely addition to any room.

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