Our Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas

Our Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas

There has been a lot of talk about Christmas over the past few weeks and with the festive season on the horizon we thought now would be a good idea to release our Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas.

We take pride in selecting toys and gifts that are a little bit different from most retailers and our selection is based on what we think will be our customers’ favourites this season. Take a look at our selection below.

Apple Tree Ball Run
This delightful wooden ball run for younger children is an absolute hoot. We think little ones will have hours of fun playing with this and grown ups will enjoy having a turn too.

Personalised Notebooks
These fun new designs are an excellent way of making sure everyone’s notes, secrets and inventions are jotted down safely.

Florence Doll
With her big bushy hair and own quirky style, Florence is the trendiest doll for this Autumn. We think children will love taking her out for adventures in the fresh air.

Big box of Colours
Not only does this beautiful set have an extensive selection of art supplies but the box itself even acts as a beautiful canvas in which to colour in your very own style. Little creatives everywhere will love it.

Racing Maze
This infuriating game will have everyone wanting a go this Christmas. Who will be the one to have the patience to complete the course in your house?

Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark
This cheerful wooden classic never disappoints. With bright animals and a sturdy colourful ark on wheels this toy will surely be one they remember.

The Human Body Under X-Ray
An excellent puzzle, bound to be a big hit with anyone who enjoys gifts slightly out of the ordinary. The puzzle has hidden details which can be unlocked using the UV torch provided.

The Stables
It’s just the cutest set for anyone who loves ponies as much as we do! Two adorable horses with a cosy stable and all the accessories they could ever need. Set Also makes a wonderful addition to any of our dolls houses.

Artie 3000
Both cheeky and geeky this little robot loves to draw. Use a tablet or computer to program what Artie draws using coding techniques.

Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House
Design the house of the future and learn all about architecture and smart technology.

Compendium of Games
Sometimes the classics are the best and this Compendium of Games is a family “must-have” during these darker evenings.

Peacock Silk Painting
Create a gorgeous silk scarf using silk painting techniques. Not only a fun crafty activity but also a fabulous accessory.

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