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An award winning range from Paper Engine, cleverly designed for mess free, slot together assembly using eco-friendly card and minimal plastic.

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Paper Engine

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Build Your Own Ladybird Kit

Build your own slot together Ladybird with stand from 27 pieces of pre-cut sustainable card.


Build Your Own Telescope Kit

Build your own awesome slot together refractor telescope with 16x magnification with this engaging kit.


Build Your Own Microscope Kit

Imagine the sense of achievement from building your own working microscope!  An engaging STEM project to assemble a slot-together, mess free kit from sustainable card.


Build Your Own Marble Run Kit

Build your own impressive marble run from sustainable, slot together cardboard.  This technical, challenging build includes 10 marbles and an ingenious lift and drop elevator.  An incredible project that provides a real sense of achievement.


Build Your Own Binoculars Kit

Press out, construct and explore with this inspirational STEM kit containing everything you need to build your own binoculars with 6x magnification.


Build Your Own Pirate Ship Kit

An engaging STEM project for children to build their own pirate ship and firing cannon from slot together sustainable cardboard parts.  Play the pirate game and make your ship explode, re-set and play again – brilliant fun!


Build Your Own Honey Bee Kit

Build your own slot together Honey Bee with stand from 20 pieces of pre-cut sustainable card.


Build Your Own Plane Launcher Kit

Build your own cardboard plane launcher using a slot together technique and launch incredible paper planes with this awesome sustainable kit!


Paper Engine is a UK based company, passionate about designing award winning, environmentally responsible construction kits.  All kits are assembled using slot together techniques, with no glue, no mess and no fuss!  Everything you need is provided in the kit.  Mulberry Bush believe this innovative, STEM inspired range will appeal to curious children and adults, creating working items from cardboard that are fun to build and great to use.  All packaging is 100% too!