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Storm Chaser

Track extreme weather with our Storm Chaser portable weather pod. A must for enthusiatic weather watchers!

Make Your Own Neon Sign - Blue

Kit to make your own name in Neon Lights!

Buzz Wire Kit

Build an electrical circuit buzzwire and test your steady hand skills.


Excavation Kit - Real Fossils

Dig and discover 5 genuine fossils embedded in an excavation block using the tools provided.

Tooth Fairy Box

Everything you need to create 4 tooth fairy boxes to keep your lost teeth in.

Princess Notebook - Personalised

Great Personalised gifts, these notebooks can be personalised with any first name - up to 11 characters - Please see below

Allow 14 days for delivery. See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.


Alphabet Stampers

A delightful wooden stamping set with a full set of upper and lower case letters, punctuation marks and four colour stamp pad all contained in a quality wooden tray.

Smartphone Science

Twenty different experiments to use with a smartphone or tablet and turn it into an awesome, pocket sized science lab (no download or app required).

Electrokit 198

Complete an astounding 198 electrical experiments involving motors, switches, lights and sounds with this absorbing educational kit.


Playground Engineering & Design STEM

Build and create playgrounds of your own design or use the included cards.


Princess Style Magnetic Book

Bring this story to life using the 25 magnetic outfits & accessories to dress the princesses in their favourite clothes so they are ready to go to the Enchanted Ball!

Glitter Tattoo Kit

Adorn your body with stunning glitter tattoos and be the envy of all your friends!

Squishy Brain Kit

Build a brain and then pick it apart!


Crash Test Lab

Build a crash cart then launch, slam and crash! Includes a crash test dummy with impact sensors. Devise your own safety features and learn about forces and safe car design.


Kitchen Chemistry

Switch from Chef to Scientist as you master the 40 experiments illustrated in this amazing kitchen chemistry set.

Magnetic Words & Board Years 3,4&5

Magnetic board, word magnet and pen set with Year 3, 4 & 5 words.


Magic Tracer

Designed to enable children to trace without tracing paper! Place the image on one side, tilt the reflector and trace the image, supplied with 5 pictures, sheets of paper and pencils.

Ready, Set, School Activity Kit

Simply bursting with fun activities for pre-schoolers with write & wipe books, lacing and tying activities, tracing, sticking, dot to dot, abc, 123, shapes and colours! Lots for little ones to learn and enjoy.

DIY Gamer Kit (with Arduino)

An adventurous and inspirational DIY set to make a hand held gaming device kit that you assemble from scratch using the components provided - requires tools, a soldering iron and internet access to download the step-by-step making manuals and installing free Arduino Uno software (the brain of your gamer).
£49.00 £69.00

Stikbot Studio

Stikbot Studio to make a stop motion film with two Stikbots as the stars!

Moving Monkeys Gears Building set

Build an amazing moving jungle set with this ingenious gear construction kit and watch the mischievous monkeys hang, spin and swing!


Demolition Lab

A classic build it up and knock it down game with a huge difference! Build your structure, set the blasters, detonate and BOOM it’s demolished!

Mould & Paint Space

Create 6 out of this world plaster fridge magnets and badges and paint them with glow in the dark paint!

Cyber Robot Kit

Build a moving, programmable robot, download the app and see what you can learn with this amazing activity set.


Gears Sweet Shop

A colourful system of interconnecting gears that are built to create a wonderful moving sweet shop using the specially shaped pieces and decorative stickers.


Kit to make a wall climbing Gecko and 6 other mechanical models that utilise a motorised air suction system to walk up and down smooth surfaces!

Savage Storms Kit

Five wicked weather experiments to learn about our amazing weather – create snow storms and icy tendrils, tornados and thunder – indoors!

Make Your Own Neon Sign - Pink

Kit to make you own name in Neon Lights!

Tip Top Pottery

An adjustable speed pottery wheel to make ceramic pots and vases, complete with 900gms clay, tools to sculpt and paints to decorate them.


Little Monster Notebook - Personalised

Great personalised gifts, these notebooks can be personalised with any first name up to 13 characters

Allow 14 days for delivery. See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.


Astronomy Laboratory

A brilliant scientific kit to help discover the secrets of space and the most fascinating facts about the solar system.

Hair Highlights

Vibrant coloured hair chalks for cool and funky temporary hair effects.

Add & Subtract Abacus

A wooden abacus with colourful wooden hoops and beads to make learning fun.


Glow Embroidery Stitches

The ideal activity for young crafters to learn stitching and make either a mini pillow or cute bag with amazing glow in the dark thread.

Animals Notebook - Personalised

Great personalised gifts, these notebooks can be personalised with any first name up to 11 characters - see notes below

Allow 14 days for delivery. See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.



Magnetic Faces Activity Box

Create funny faces using the 78 magnetic wooden pieces contained in a useful travel case with reversible lid – whiteboard one side, blackboard on reverse.


Gift in a Tin - Sew Me Up Floral Bunny

A simple stuff and sew kit to make a soft, floppy eared bunny.

Colour Scroller

The perfect travelling companion! A sturdy little lap or table top drawing desk fitted with a roll of pictures ready for colouring in and a clip shut drawer bursting with chunky crayons.

£8.99 £9.99

Magnetic Words & Board Years 1&2

Magnetic board, word magnet and pen set with Year 1 & 2 words.


Ladybird Knot Tying Kit

Everything you need to learn to tie really useful knots!


Secret Decoder Game Book

Decode secret messages and clues with this great kit!

Stikbot (single)

Make a stop motion film with Stikbot as the star! What will yours do?

Rainbow Block Pad

Multi-coloured A4 art and craft paper pad.


Mechanics Laboratory

Discover the secrets of mechanics, experiment with levers, cogs and pulleys and assemble different models with increasing difficulty levels.

Crystal Laboratory

A dazzling educational set to grow beautiful crystals and geodes.


Nail Art Designer Kit

Create amazing nail designs with a collection of nail varnish, nail pens, stickers, tattoos and gems.


Mini Mechanic Kit In a Tin

A traditional metal construction kit for building three different models, a plane, helicopter or vehicle, complete with instructions and tools, supplied in a gift tin.

Deep Space Planetarium

Amazing home planetarium and projector set with night light. Learn about the universe and the night sky. Projects images up to 1m wide!