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We have a fantastic range of outdoor toys and games for kids which keep them active and healthy and provide them with hours of great fun!

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Roller Rider - Blue

Roller Rider Blue (Also known as the Didi Car) An exciting ride-on that does not need pedals or batteries - just powered by centrifugal force! (PLEASE SEE RED, PINK OR PURPLE VERSIONS FOR ALTERNATIVES)


Roller Rider - Pink

Roller Rider - Pink. (Also known as the Didi Car) Prepare to be amazed! An exciting ride-on that does not need pedals or batteries - just centrifugal force!


Roller Rider - Purple

Have a thrilling ride with a cleverly designed Magic Roller Rider / Didi Car that that uses no pedals or batteries - just centrifugal force!


Roller Rider - Red

Red Roller Rider is also known as the Didi Car. Have a thrilling ride with this clever design that uses no pedals or batteries - just centrifugal force!


Digital Metal Detector

Explore for metal objects and even buried treasure with this easy to use Digital Metal Detector.

Space Hopper

Mega Space Hopper for crazy bouncing fun!


H2O Double Water Slider

Side by side super slippery water slide with inflatable ends and water sprinklers.



Enjoy backyard safari adventures and zoom in with these 5 x 30 power field binoculars.


This product is no longer available for alternative please click here


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Ladybird Knot Tying Kit

Everything you need to learn to tie really useful knots!


Handbow & Target Set

Accurate handbow and target especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with target.

Night Mission Goggles

Useful Night Mission Goggles with powerful twin LED light beams, retractable scope with 2 x magnification lens and adjustable strap.

Crazy Golf Set

Crazy Golf Set - create your own course for family fun with these crazy obststacles and wooden clubs!

Quoits Set

Traditional garden game that never ages because anyone can play! Wooden quoits set - take one to the park!
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Hopscotch Rug

Traditional hopscotch rug with two beanbags.

Alien Attack

Alien Attack! Catapult your stretchy, sticky alien for some inter galactic fun.

Metal Spud Gun

Metal Spud Gun can fire potato pieces, water or rubber pellets.
£5.99 £6.99

Ride-On Racing Car - Green

Stylish and sleek!  Retro styled racing car in green is certain to be a winner.


Rubber Band Gun

Solid wood rubber band gun with rubber bands!

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Pig Popper

Squeeze the pig to launch soft foam balls up to 20 feet.

Juggling Balls Set

Set of 3 juggling balls with instruction booklet.


Rope Ladder

Very strong rope ladder easily attaches to trees and climbing frames.

Pull-along Cart

Red Pull-along cart, with metal tray and plastic wheels.



Pogo Stick - Pink/Purple

Tough durable pogo stick in pink and purple with heavy duty spring.


Pedal Racer

Can you keep your balance whilst pedalling backwards and forwards?


Bubble Science

Appreciate and explore the simple beauty and art of bubble while having fun with this amazing set!  Play lots of bubble tricks - blow a giant bubble, an unbreakable bubble, a bubble film and more!


Aqua Dragons Underwater World

Hatch your own live Aqua Dragons from hibernated eggs and watch them grow in their specially designed underwater world

GeoSafari Seascope

A sea-scope with built in flashlight, thermometer and ruler for underwater viewing and investigating!


Insect Hotel

Build a wooden insect hotel for the garden and watch how the insects inhabit it!

Out of stock

Geosafari Compass Binoculars

Robust children's binoculars with built in compass for added adventuring!


Den Kit

Brilliant den kit for outdoor adventure and escapades!  


Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Rainbow Stunt Streamer, fun to play with and a joy to watch! Loop and swirl with rainbow coloured ribbon for active fun.

Car Journey Games Tin

Brilliant set of 7 "I Spy" style travel games to entertain children on car journeys so they’ll never be bored again. Winner of the of Gift of the Year 2014.

£8.99 £10.99

Ride-On Racing Car - Silver

Stunning, sleek silver metal retro ride-on racing car is guaranteed to be a winner.


Flying Monkey

Innovative caped and masked monkey can fly an amazing long distance and makes a screeching howling noise as he lands!

Dog Mood Light

Cute dog mood light that glows different colours.


Make A Silk Daisy Chain

Make A Silk Daisy Chain, there are endless uses for these gorgeous silk petal daisies with soft yarn stems.


Cottage Garden Den Kit

The Cottage Garden Den Kit is the gift of adventure!  Everything you need to create a den in the great outdoors, including a purple tarpaulin, packed into a sturdy haversack.


Big Bang Rocket

Make a big noise with a Big Bang Rocket simply powered by newspaper.


Can you spin the diabolo on the string, flip it and catch it?


Bike Spoke Light

Fantastic glowing and flashing light device that easily fits to bike spokes, making your bike more colourful and safer too.  Water resistant.  This is not a toy.  Batteries included.


Ant World

Build an ant habitat and observe their fascinating life.


Slot Together Hula Hoop

Adjustable snap-together Hula Hoop consists of 8 colourful ring segments that can be added or subtracted to create the perfect hoop size.


Scrunch Bucket - Red

Flexible silicone bucket that scrunches into the smallest of spaces and bounces back to retain its shape.  Light but incredibly robust with a comfortable carrying handle.  Holds 1.5 litres


Scrunch Bucket - Blue

Flexible silicone bucket that scrunches into the smallest of spaces and bounces back to retain its shape.  Light but incredibly robust with a comfortable carrying handle.  Holds 1.5 litres

£7.50 £8.99

Optic Wonder

Optic Wonder - a multi-tasking optical instrument with several functions for adventurers.


Unicorn Popper

Pop, pop, pop a unicorn popper!


Stick Insect Kit

Rear your own Stick Insect Family with this comprehensive Stick Insect Kit!

Bubble Gun

Shoot streams of bubbles with a full of fun bubble gun!


Our range of outdoor toys for kids includes both outdoor games and garden games. Outdoor toys are a fun way for children to exercise in the fresh air. Who hasn't enjoyed swinging on a garden swing when a child? If you've got the tree or a swing frame, we've got some great value wooden garden swings for outdoor play. Or why not have a game of cricket, quoits or croquet - fantastic traditional games for the whole family!