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We have a fantastic range of outdoor toys and games for kids which keep them active and healthy and provide them with hours of great fun!

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Den Kit

Brilliant den kit for outdoor adventure and escapades!  


Cottage Garden Den Kit

The Cottage Garden Den Kit is the gift of adventure!  Everything you need to create a den in the great outdoors, including a purple tarpaulin, packed into a sturdy haversack.


Plant a Tree Kit

Commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee year in a creative, planet friendly way.  Add to the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative by encouraging children to plant a seed to grow a tree, with everything you need in this comprehensive kit.

£13.99 £23.99

Bug Viewer

Explore nature up close with the magnifying Bug Viewer!


Camping Projector

The amazing Camping Projector is a campfire nightlight, starlight projector and image projector with 24 images! 


Crazy Golf

Create your own course for family fun with these crazy obstacles and wooden clubs.


The Forest Den Kit

Enjoy hours of simple outdoor fun building dens with this brilliant set.  The sturdy canvas bag is full of kit including tarpaulin, groundsheet and camouflage netting, rope and tent pegs with lots of adventure accessories to capture the imagination and inspire outdoor escapades.


The Bird Nest Kit

Lend nesting birds a helping hand by foraging for nesting materials and learning about the needs of garden birds with this educational set.  Fill the cage with twigs,  moss and supplied materials, using the kit to provide the needs of your local birds.


The Potion Making Kit

Encourage the joyful pastime of potion making in the great outdoors with this thoughtfully assembled set.


The Natural Fabric Art Kit

Learn all about four ancient art styles and use them to create fascinating designs on fabric using nature as your muse.  Everything you need including plant colouring, charcoal, wax and fabrics.


The Herbarium Kit

Encourage a fascination in the world of botany by making your own herbarium, a visual record of plants you have collected, identified and pressed, resulting in a wonderful piece of natural art to treasure for years to come.


Giant Chalks Set

A set of 20 giant chalks in 7 colours in a handy lidded tub.



Scandinavian natural wooden skittles game with 12 numbered skittles and Mölkky – the baton you throw instead of a ball! 


Wooden Toddler Cradle Swing

Classic Wooden Cradle Swing makes a perfect first swing for your toddler.  The rope length from base of swing to metal fixing rings is adjustable, but maximum is approx 155 cms.


Motorola Walkie Talkies T42

The latest model of our serious two-way radios, with a 4km range, requires 6 AAA batteries, not included.


2 Pop Up Goals

A pair of quality pop-up goals in a carry-bag with handle - everything you need for football training.


Mucky Mud Kitchen

Who’s for mud pie?  A brilliant outdoor play kitchen, crafted in durable Canadian Hemlock wood for year-round garden fun!  Set includes removeable tray for mud-mixing mucky-pups, 3 stainless steel pans and two utensils, food prep area and storage shelf.  Requires adult assembly.


Animal Torch & Projector

Project photos of animals in the wild onto walls and ceilings with the powerful torch projector.


Bike Spoke Light

Fantastic glowing and flashing light device that easily fits to bike spokes, making your bike more colourful and safer too.  Water resistant.  This is not a toy.  Batteries included.


Didiscoot Teal

Top quality, smooth riding scooter from the Didicar brand. Adjustable handle height, three wheels for maximum stability and wide footbed. 

Max weight 50 kgs.


Didiscoot Pink

Top quality, smooth riding scooter from the Didicar brand. Adjustable handle height, three wheels for maximum stability and wide footbed. 

Max weight 50 kgs.


Make A Silk Daisy Chain

Make A Silk Daisy Chain, there are endless uses for these gorgeous silk petal daisies with soft yarn stems.


Pocket Metal Detector

The perfect gadget to spark children’s curiosity for what treasure might be hiding just a couple inches away.  Small and lightweight, adjustable sensitivity guide for detecting ferrous metals.  Requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.


Window Bird Feeder

Attract, feed and observe birds with this easy to fix bird feeder.  The large portal with one-way mirror allows you to observe the birds without disturbing them. Supplied with Garden Bird Guide.  Bird food not included.


Aqua Dragons Underwater World

Hatch your own live Aqua Dragons from hibernated eggs and watch them grow in their specially designed underwater world


Live Butterfly Garden Kit

Live Butterfly Hatching Kit enables you to see caterpillars mysteriously transform into chrysalises then hatch into beautiful butterflies.




Night Mission Goggles

Useful Night Mission Goggles with powerful twin LED light beams, retractable scope with 2 x magnification lens and adjustable strap.


Outdoor Adventure Microscope

Magnificent 20x – 40x magnification illuminated microscope, see the world close-up, perfect for exploring out and about, as hand-held with a lanyard to keep it close at all times!  Requires 3 x LR44 batteries, included.


Ant World

Build an ant habitat and observe their fascinating life.


Bug Playground

The build the perfect habitat to observe bugs close up, complete with bug catcher and illustrated, fact-pact activity booklet.


Flying Monkey

Innovative caped and masked monkey can fly an amazing long distance and makes a screeching howling noise as he lands!


2 in 1 Bike - Monkey (Tricycle / Balance Bike)

Cleverly designed wooden first trike that easily converts to a balance bike.  A 2 in 1 balance bike painted in green with handsome monkey images.


Pocket Kite

Foldaway, lightweight pocket kite. No sticks, no assembly but great flyer with 35 metre line.


Brookite Classic Bow Tail Kite

A classic Kite in bright primary colours with a multicoloured tail to dance on the breeze. 50m line with handle and fibreglass frame simply assembles into the traditional kite shape.


Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Rainbow Stunt Streamer, fun to play with and a joy to watch! Loop and swirl with rainbow coloured ribbon for active fun.


Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Use this simple kit to build your own window bird feeder, great fun for adults and children.  This enjoyable project creates a feeder that attaches to the window so you can feed and view birds from within your own home.  All wood, glue, window suckers and instructions included in a neat tin.  A perfect Gift in a Tin.


Build a Bee Hotel

Create a home for solitary bees and other insects with this easy to build kit.  A satisfying project to build a wooden bee hotel using wood, dowels and glue, all contained in a neat tin that also contains a fascinating fact sheet.  The perfect Gift in a Tin.


Build Your Own Plane Launcher Kit

Build your own cardboard plane launcher using a slot together technique and launch incredible paper planes with this awesome sustainable kit!


Dino Popper

Have fun with a friendly dinosaur shooter and soft foam balls.


Pig Popper

Squeeze the pig to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres.


Penguin Popper

Pop, pop, pop a penguin popper!


Knot Skills Kit

Two colourful lengths of cordage and guide to learn 6 essential knots and their uses, contained in a hessian drawstring sack. Adult supervision recommended.


Bow and Arrows

Take aim - fire! Lightweight, fun, role play Bow and Arrows archery set for children.


Gymnastic Ribbon

Twirl the Ribbon like a gymnast making enormous loops, twists and turns.


Stealth Archery Set

A bow and arrow set designed for use as a sporting product for target archery – this is not a toy.


Stomp Rocket

 Have fun outside with a Stomp Rocket - stamp on the pump and stand back in amazement!


Insect Hotel

Build a wooden insect hotel for the garden and watch how the insects inhabit it!


Jungle Animal Colour Changing Umbrella

A quality children’s umbrella in clear plastic with a tropical print with exotic animals that fills with colour when it rains.



Discover Our Full Collection Of Outdoor Toys

We stock a large range of outdoor toys that are a fun way for children to exercise in the garden. Choose from croquet sets, skipping ropes, and pogo sticks to walkie talkies and pocket metal detectors. We have a large selection of outdoor toys that are fun for all the family, shop our collection online for free delivery on all orders over £75. 


Fun and Engaging  Outdoor Toys For All Ages

Our outdoor toys and games are perfect for the garden as well as camping and beach trips, choose from well-known brands such as 4M, Bigjigs, Brainstorm, Galt and Didicar. With outdoor toys suitable from 12-24 months to 11+ years, we are sure to have something for everyone. We’ve got plenty of outdoor toys that aim to be fun, active and challenging. Whether it’s tiger and crocodile foot walkers that are excellent for improving balance or hula hoops that are great at keeping children healthy, fit and active. Create hours of fun with our collection of outdoor toys. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your child or simply a new toy to keep your little one entertained, search from a wide variety of toys that keep your child in the fresh air and enjoying nature. 


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At Mulberry Bush, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality outdoor toys for all ages to enjoy. From packing  to delivery, our services are carried out to the highest standards, so that you can trust when you buy from Mulberry Bush. Have any questions or queries about our collection of outdoor toys? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team on 01403 790796 or alternatively, email us at