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Wooden games are charming, lovely to look at and great fun to play with too. Browse our huge range of wooden games to find something your children will love.

Wooden Children's Games

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Fish N Count

Help the little ones develop their numeracy skills and have fun too! Fish the ducks, count the numbers – adding the yellow duck numbers and subtracting the green ones and race to the target of 18.
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Wooden Noughts and Crosses

Traditional wooden game with 9 little naughts and crosses cubes, played in the traditional way and stored in a lidded wood box

Shut the Box Game

Wooden Shut the Box is a challenging traditional mathematical game of skill and chance.

Snakes & Ladders Game

The classic wooden board game that’s fun for all the family as players race each other to the top of the board.


Junior Bagatelle

Mini wooden bagatelle game with wooden cue and metal balls.

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Wooden Yoyo

Sturdy wooden yo-yo in assorted colours


Mini Solitaire

Classic solo game of solitaire in wooden case with attached pivoting lid.

Mini Tiddly Winks

Tiddly Winks set in a wooden case.

Snakes & Ladders and Tic Tac Toe

Two games in one!  Wooden snakes and ladders and tic tac toe set, all contained in a tin.


Pirate Skittles

Set of 6 mini wooden Pirate Skittles.

Duck Skittles

6 bright wooden dotty duck skittles make a striking target.

Footballer Skittles

Set of 6 comical hand painted Footballer Skittles from fairtrade Lanka Kade.

See and Spell

A traditional wooden puzzle that's educational and fun too!


Avalanche Fruit Stand

Spin the spinner and carefully pick the corresponding fruit from the stand with jumbo tweezers without creating an avalanche!


Snazzy Wooden Marble Helter Skelter

Design and build your own wooden marble run with chutes and snazzy decorative blocks.

Wooden Chinese Chequers

Wooden Chinese Chequers - strategy game with solid circular board and 60 playing pieces.

Domino Run

Domino Run. Addictive fun - knock the first one down and watch the chain reaction!

Animal Skittles

Six beautifully painted, wooden animal skittles with two wooden balls.


Wobbly Wall Beehive

A unique wooden game for all the family.


Indoor Farm Croquet

Wooden indoor animal croquet set with novel animal hoops.


Solitaire - Mice in Cheese

A novel twist on a traditional game!  The base of the solitaire is a wooden piece of cheese and the pegs are identical little mice.


Marble Run - with Sounds

A fully constructed colourful wooden marble run that makes a gentle therapeutic sound as the marbles descend.


Cheese & Mouse on a String

A wooden block of cheese with holes to thread a cute mouse on string.  A novel threading toy.


Wooden Balancing Ark

An enjoyable wooden balancing game. Stack the 12 wooden animal shapes on the rocking ark without sending them tumbling.


In addition to our fantastic range of traditional wooden toys, we offer a huge number of wooden children’s games.

From colourful domino sets to wooden Chinese chequers, intricately painted wooden skittle sets to wooden versions of classic board games such as snakes and ladders, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Wooden games are fantastic quality being durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing, and can provide hours of fun for your children. When you are looking for, a fun wooden board game or puzzle or a more creative wooden game set such as our wooden fishing game, these games make perfect presents that are sure to delight the kids!