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Wooden games are charming, lovely to look at and great fun to play with too. Browse our huge range of wooden games to find something your children will love.

Wooden Games for Children

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Logic Labyrinth

Can you match up the colours on the wooden tiles to those on the labyrinth wall?  A wooden game to playfully challenge the player and encourage concentration skills. 


Balancing Donkey Game

Game of skill to balance a stack of sticks on the donkey’s back.


Bowling Game

A traditional wooden table top bowling game.


Stacking Farmyard

Wooden farm stacking toy with 13 pieces including storage bag.


Fairytale Story Dice

Set of 9 wooden dice, each face with an image related to fairy tales.  Throw the dice and weave a magical story around the pictures that are face up, let your imagination and creativity run wild.


Lock a Block

The ultimate block puzzle, choose a challenge and fit the blocks together to complete the level.



Who can collect the most stones in their Mancala in this game of strategy?  Wooden set with hinged playing board and wooden stones.



A game of patience, consideration & fun! Can you fit all the pieces into the grid?


Sudoku Game

Sudoku game with wooden board and coloured, numbered pegs.


Balancing Polar Circle

The Balancing Polar Circle is a multi-use painted wooden toy.  Stack and balance the polar inhabitants to make the base level and not topple over.


Flamingo Balancing Game

Colourful wooden balancing game – can you balance the 10 chicks on the flamingo’s wings?


Balancing Dolphin Game

Balance the rings on the dolphin's tummy to win the game. Attractive wooden balancing game.


Balancing Cactus

Mini version of the strategic game to build and balance the cactus without making it fall. 


Mini Solitaire

Classic solo game of solitaire in wooden case with attached pivoting lid.

Mini Tiddly Winks

Tiddly Winks set in a wooden case.

The Snowman Skittles

Beautiful set of painted wooden skittles with characters from the Snowman and the Snowdog.


Animal Skittles

Six beautifully painted, wooden animal skittles with two wooden balls.


Winnie the Pooh Skittles

Painted wooden skittles, shaped and painted as characters from the much-loved books, supplied with 2 wooden balls to knock them down!


London Skittles

Beautifully crafted, painted wooden skittle set with a London theme.


Domino Run

Domino Run. Addictive fun - knock the first one down and watch the chain reaction!


Peter Rabbit Wooden Dominoes

Cute Peter Rabbit wooden domino set, using images from the Beatrix Potter books instead of numbers.  Supplied in wooden case which includes child's name. 

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Wooden Marble Run

Design and build your own wooden marble run with chutes and snazzy decorative blocks.


Marble Run - with Sounds

A fully constructed colourful wooden marble run that makes a gentle therapeutic sound as the marbles descend.


Wobbly Wall Beehive

A unique wooden game for all the family.


Wooden Fishing Game with Pond Base

Start a fishing competition with a traditional wooden fishing game.



Kendama - a real challenge!  One of the oldest ball catching dexterity games.


Animal Shut the Box

A traditional wooden toy with a modern twist!  Race your opponent to spin and land on each animal character with this modern version of Shut the Box.


Snakes & Ladders Game

The classic wooden board game that’s fun for all the family as players race each other to the top of the board.


See and Spell

A traditional wooden puzzle that's educational and fun too!


Classic Games 4 in 1

Classic Games 4 in 1 wooden set, contained in a lidded wooden box and the lid is also the reversible playing board for chess, draughts and backgammon!  Also contains Pick-up sticks and Dominoes.


Wooden Quoits

Newly designed Wooden Quoits set with rope rings and stable, screw together assembly.  Simply brilliant garden fun.



Superb quality classic family game for tradtional fun.

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Scandinavian natural wooden skittles game with 12 numbered skittles and Mölkky – the baton you throw instead of a ball! 


Wooden Noughts and Crosses

Traditional wooden game with 9 little naughts and crosses cubes, played in the traditional way and stored in a wooden tray.

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Pirate Skittles

Set of 6 mini wooden Pirate Skittles.

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Animal Dominoes

A delightful set of wooden dominoes, with animals featuring instead of the tradition dots.  

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Shut the Box Game

Wooden Shut the Box is a challenging traditional mathematical game of skill and chance.

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In addition to our fantastic range of traditional wooden toys, we offer a huge number of wooden children’s games.

From colourful domino sets to wooden Chinese chequers, intricately painted wooden skittle sets to wooden versions of classic board games such as snakes and ladders, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Wooden games are fantastic quality being durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing, and can provide hours of fun for your children. When you are looking for, a fun wooden board game or puzzle or a more creative wooden game set such as our wooden fishing game, these games make perfect presents that are sure to delight the kids!