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In our extensive range of sewing kits for kids you can find kid's first cross stitch, crochet art, weaving looms, knitting, French knitting & needlework sets too.

Sew, Knit & Weave

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Pom Pom Pets

Create adorable pompom animals with the amazing craft kit.


French Knitting

Learn the traditional skill of French knitting and use it to make an array of beautiful accessories.  Set includes all tools, wool, beads, bodkin and guide.


Easy to do - Knitting Kit

The perfect craft set for children who enjoy knitting with everything you need for 2 projects


Sewing Suitcase

Learn basic sewing techniques and create amazing projects with this super kit. Everything you need is contained in this retro styled suitcase.


Knitting Suitcase

Learn basic knitting skills and create amazing hand knitted projects. All you need is contained in this super retro styled suitcase.


Cross Stitch Suitcase

Learn basic cross stitch with a super retro styled suitcase, bursting with accessories.


Knitting Mushroom

Cute painted wooden French knitting mushroom with yarn, hook and instructions.


Sewing Case

A super sewing kit with projects to complete and full instructions for children to master basic sewing skills.  The Sewing Case is a great introduction to sewing with 5 simple stitches.


Giant Multi Craft Weaving Loom

Giant wooden weaving loom, that’s adjustable to create different sized weaves and an illustrated booklet.


Knitting Circle

A hand-cranked knitting machine that knits tubes and panels at the flick of a switch!  Set includes knitting machine, 2 balls of yarn, 3 machine tools instructions and a knitting guide to make a hat and scarf.


Created by Me! Flower Fleece Quilt

Create a snuggly fleece blanket, with a bright patchwork of patterns and colours and no sewing!


My Lovely Unicorn Pillow

Sew and decorate a cuddly unicorn pillow using this enjoyable craft activity kit.


Make Your Own Llama Doll

Everything you need to create a llama doll and decorate it in a South American theme.


My Unicorn Faux Leather Pouch

Your unicorn in your style!  Bring this unicorn pouch alive by learning cool new sewing techniques.  Pre-cut pieces with sewing guide holes to assemble and decorate with silver stiches, coloured yarn and two plastic needles.


Friendship Bracelets

A brilliant crafting kit to make friendship bracelets in beautiful colours and patterns.


Paracord Wristbands

Make wristbands from eight brightly coloured 3m lengths of paracord.  Learn 3 fun knotting techniques to make the wristbands and secure with plastic buckles, 2 sets of buckles have built-in compasses, to wear on your outdoor adventures!


Yarn Basket Weaving Art

Everything you need to create two stylish woven baskets.  Learn cool weaving techniques.  Set includes 2 basket templates, plastic needle and 7 spools of yarn, felt, glue and full instructions.


Puppy in a Tin

A first sewing project with a cuddly end result!  Use the stuffing provided to fill the pre-sewn dog through the gap in the puppy’s back, sew the slot up using the safe plastic bodkin and thread and when puppy is sewn he’s ready to play!  Set includes a fleece blanket and the tin can be used as a bed.


Stitch a Circuit Robot

An easy to build robot with light and sound capabilities, stitching pre-cut felt pieces together and stitching a circuit with conductive thread.


First Knitting

Learn to knit with this easy to follow kit from Galt


First Sewing

Learn how to sew with an easy- to-follow beginners' kit from Galt.


Wooden Weaving Loom

Wooden weaving loom and accessories with detailed instructions on box.


Sew, Knit & Weave

Children’s Sewing Kits

In our extensive range of sewing kits for kids, you can find a child's first cross-stitch, crochet art, weaving looms, knitting, French knitting & needlework sets too. Our sewing and weaving kits for kids will provide them with hours of entertainment and fun, and all the while, they'll be learning a new skill too. With our great kits, they'll be able to discover how to sew on beads and jewels to give garments that much needed extra sparkle, as well as to create bespoke pieces just for themselves! Our kid's sewing kits and beads are great for creative children and will make for a much-treasured gift too!

High-Quality Sewing Kis for Kids

All the sewing kits in our range include top quality materials that are safe to use with children. With lots of brightly coloured threads and different designs and ideas to help get them started, your children can spend hours of playtime creating new items that they'll be proud to show off to you and their friends.

First Sewing Kits Make Wonderful Gifts

Sewing kits are not only fun gifts but educational too. They can teach children a whole range of useful skills such as patience, focus, concentration, and fine motor skills while also showing them how to create something, recycle old clothes, and so much more. If you are looking for a gift that will entertain, inspire, and educate, a sewing kit could be the ideal choice.

Popular children's sewing kits include:

Why Choose Mulberry Bush for Make and Do Gifts for Children?

At Mulberry Bush, we pride ourselves on providing a range of fantastic value, excellent quality toys that are well made, fun, and interactive. Our customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we are sure you will love the sewing kits that you find in our range. If you need help deciding or have any other questions, contact us - we'd love to help.