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In our extensive range of sewing kits for kids you can find kid's first cross stitch, crochet art, weaving looms, knitting, French knitting & needlework sets too.

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Gift in a Tin - Sew Me Up Floral Bunny

A simple stuff and sew kit to make a soft, floppy eared bunny.

Wooden Weaving Loom

Wooden weaving loom and accessories with detailed instructions on box.

First Sewing

Learn how to sew with an easy- to-follow beginners' kit from Galt.


First Knitting

Learn to knit with this easy to follow kit from Galt


Giant Multi Craft Weaving Loom

Giant wooden weaving loom, that’s adjustable to create different sized weaves.


Bead Bouquet Deluxe

Exquisite wooden beads with beautiful decorative details and colourful laces to make lovely jewellery.


Knitting Suitcase

Learn basic knitting skills and create amazing hand knitted projects. All you need is contained in this super retro styled suitcase.

Sewing Suitcase

Learn basic sewing techniques and create amazing projects with this super kit. Everything you need is contained in this retro styled suitcase.
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Embroidery Stitch Kit

Learn basic embroidery stitches and create beautiful embroidery with this comprehensive kit.
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French Knitting Butterfly

Learn a new craft with this easy to do French Knitting set and make 3 yarn butterflies! Set includes specially designed knitting reel, hook, yarn and clear instructions to make 3 colourful butterflies.

Glow Embroidery Stitches

The ideal activity for young crafters to learn stitching and make either a mini pillow or cute bag with amazing glow in the dark thread.

Threading Apple

Gorgeous, chunky wooden red apple with a green worm to thread in and out of the pre-drilled holes.


Haute Couture Fashion Studio

Fashion design studio, complete with battery operated sewing machine, fabric, mannequins, threads, pins & needles and embellishments.

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Knot-a-Quilt Pattern

Create a snuggly fleece blanket, with a bright patchwork of patterns and colours and no sewing!


Friendship Bracelet Kit

Everything you need to make colourful friendship bracelets with easy instructions.

Starburst Glitter Jewellery

Create 5 pieces of cosmic jewellery, assembling pendants with spangles and glitter, using chain and threading techniques – very effective and pretty too!


Shamballa Fire Jewellery

Make the latest sparkling jewellery, combining macramé knotting and Shamballa beads.

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Our sewing and weaving kits for kids will provide them with hours of entertainment and fun, and all the while they’ll be learning a new skill too. With our great kits they’ll be able to discover how to sew on beads and jewels to give garments that much needed extra sparkle, as well as to create bespoke pieces just for themselves! Our kids sewing kits and beads are great for creative children and will make for a much treasured gift too!