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Help your children absorb interesting facts about history and geography without even realising, with our fantastic range of history & geography toys for children.

History & Geography

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Excavation Kit

Excavate dinosaur bones and assemble to form a scary Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.  Great enjoyment for budding palaeontologists with a fact filled information sheet included.


Create Your Own Giant World Map

Robust, richly detailed, fascinating wall map of the world with 3D additions to make, landmarks to label with special markers and 36 activities to help your geographic knowledge.


World Tour Puzzle & Game

Complete the large, 100-piece puzzle, then play the game using the puzzle as the play board.  Also contains a double sided poster with game rules.


World Tour Giant Puzzle

Assemble a giant jigsaw map of the world and position the 25 animals in the right location for their native habitat.  Engrossing way to learn about continents and countries and our amazing natural world.


Discover the World Game

Increase your knowledge of the world we live in and have fun in the process with this exciting board game.  Try to reach your destination and get the most Destination Cards before other players, learn fascinating facts but beware of the Journey and Arrival cards or you could lose your luggage or miss a turn.  The playing board is an illustrated map of the world 84 x 52 cms.


Wonders of the World Game

Journey around the world and learn about the greatest wonders on the planet.


I Love Britain

How well do you know Britain? Go on a race around the UK, visiting the different regions, answering questions about the culture, traditions and so much more.


Flags & Capitals Jigsaw

160 piece jigsaw showing the flags and capitals of 216 countries!


World Map Jigsaw (100)

Highly detailed map of the world on a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle.


14cm World Globe

Compact, detailed globe on a stand.


Globe 3D Puzzle (180 pcs)

180-piece jigsaw that forms a beautifully illustrated globe when complete.


Maps Reusable Sticker Book

Match the animal stickers to where they are found in the world.  With 7 colourful continent maps and 150 reusable stickers.


Endangered Animals World Puzzle

A 200-piece illustrated map of the world puzzle to build and place 50 endangered animal markers on the map, to learn where they come from.  Beautifully illustrated puzzle and large animal pieces (with stands), all made from sturdy card, complete with guide book and wall poster.


Flags & Capitals Placemat

Bright colourful educational placemat showing flags and capitals of the work, designed by teachers


Placemat - World Map

A detailed map of the world on a large wipe-clean placemat, what a great way to learn!


Flags of the World Game

An interactive world geographical board game for 2 - 9 players.


Globe 2-in-1 Earth & Constellations

Fascinating 2 in 1 globe showing the earth by day and magically illuminated space and constellations by night when used in a darkened room.


History & Geography

A Wide Range of History & Geography Learning Games

Help your children absorb interesting facts about history and geography without even realising, with our fantastic range of history & geography toys for children. Games & puzzles are great for helping your children learn about history and geography. You can give them a head start before beginning school or even play these games alongside school learning to help them brush up on their knowledge, and get them interested in a whole range of topics. Children can learn about the Egyptians, the history of Britain, and the Romans with our great variety of history toys and games, and learn about the planet and galaxy with fantastic toys such as our educational globe - Earth & the Constellations, or our amazing Moonscape and Sky Gazer’s journal.

Map Games for Kids

Learning about where they are physically in the world can be a wondrous time for children, and by teaching your kids about the different countries in the world, how big they are, and where they all sit in relation to one another is an eye-opening experience. Our map games for kids help children not only to learn about their place in the world but start to understand the vastness of the planet, which can lead to lots of exciting conversations to educate and inspire young minds.

Fun and Exciting Educational Geography Games for Kids

Our Geography games for children and lots of fun to play with and help to teach children about different countries as well as provide them with hours of fun entertainment. All the toys and games in our history and geography range are designed to teach as well as amuse. They are durable, great quality and make fantastic gifts for any occasion too.

Our most popular history & geography games for kids include:

Why Choose Mulberry Bush For History and Geography Games For Children?

We love bringing excellent educational games to our customers and believe that it is possible to make all kinds of learning fun. We have a fantastic reputation, pride ourselves on our great customer service, and are of course, on hand to give you any help or advice you might need. Get in touch today. If you’ve enjoyed browsing the toys and games in this range, you’ll love our STEM learning games too?