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DIY Gamer Kit (with Arduino)

An adventurous and inspirational DIY set to make a hand held gaming device kit that you assemble from scratch using the components provided - requires tools, a soldering iron and internet access to download the step-by-step making manuals and installing free Arduino Uno software (the brain of your gamer).
£49.00 £69.00

RC Wall Climbing Tarantula

Large, realistic spider, operated by remote controller that will crawl across the wall, sticking to the wall with vacuum suction.  

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Code Master

Fascinating, problem solving adventure board game for one player that builds planning skills and sequential reasoning to teach coding using an offline approach. Use programming logic to help your Avatar collect crystals and land at the portal.  With 60 skill levels, each with only one specific sequence of actions that is correct. 


Botley Coding Robot Activity Set

Botley the robot is a great introduction to coding.  This comprehensive STEM kit provides countless ways to programme and use the coding robot with no smartphone, tablet or screens required!


Robo Alive Green Snake

Very realistic, battery operated slithering snake with moving eyes and flicking tongue!


Mio the Robot

A brilliant activity with STEM integrated applications to build an interactive robot, equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that follows your instructions and avoids obstacles!


Salt Water Spider

Build your own spider and make it scurry along powered by a few drops of salt water.

RC Wall Climbing Car

Very clever wall climbing car that “sticks” using vacuum suction!  Brilliant fun for adults and children too.


Robo Alive Red Lizard

Robo Alive Red Lizard


Plasma Reactor

Build an oozing, fizzing lamp that uses oil, water and carbon dioxide gas from fizzing tablets, to make a cool bubbling lamp and learn some chemistry in the process!  Requires 1 x AAA battery – not included and other easily available household items.



Volcano Lamp

A mesmerising eruption of light and water creates a stunning, yet relaxing display that imitates an erupting volcano.  Requires 3 x AA batteries – not included.  This is not a toy.


Laser Maze

A beam bending game of logical thinking!  With 60 challenge cards of varying difficulty the player has to arrange tokens on the grid, laid out as the card and work out how to position extra tokens to deflect the beam to find the path to hit the target.  Batteries included.


Spacebot 3000

We just adore this robot!  When we tested our new range, he was a winner in the office – he has 6 FUNctions, and the emphasis is on FUN!


Salt Powered Car

Build a car and make it run using only salt water with this fantastic scientific project kit.
£5.99 £7.99

Sound Effects - Classic

Sound Effects - Classic


Mi-Mic Microphone & Speaker - Silver

Mi Mic - Incredible value, karaoke microphone and  Bluetooth speaker



Light Up Strobe Bar

Enjoy a funky light show with this sound activated strobe bar. A multi coloured light show that reacts to your sounds and music.

Mi-Mic Microphone & Speaker - Pink

Mi Mic, Incredible value, karaoke microphone and speaker.  


Remote Control Giant Tarantula

Life-like remote control giant tarantula with realistic crawling movement for guaranteed fun and frights!

UFO Cyber Flyer

Miniature, extremely lightweight flying UFO is easy to fly and aimed at younger pilots.


Table Top Robot

Assemble an amazing robotic crab which detects the edge of any platform or table and makes a quick turn to avoid the edge!



Brilliant device to turn a mobile phone into a microscope with up to 30 times magnification!

See below for video!


Ani-Mate Your Own Movies

Make your own stop motion movie using this award winning mini movie maker kit, your smart phone and an app!


LED Fingers

Set of 4 different coloured finger lights. Tiny torches to strap on your fingers and wiggle to create patterns!


Timmy - Flying Bird

Amazing toy that flaps its wings and flies up to 25m, entertaining children as it travels!


Mechanics Laboratory

Discover the secrets of mechanics, experiment with levers, cogs and pulleys and assemble different models with increasing difficulty levels.

Colour Changing Moon Lamp

A remote controlled colour changing moon lamp that can be set to white, red, blue or green light with adjustable brightness and four different modes – flash, strobe, fade or smooth.

X13 Quadcopter Drone

The X13 storm 4 channel remote control quadcopter by Syma is awesome! Easy to set up with clear, detailed instructions for charging and flying.

Evolution Robot

Science Museum Approved set with the components to build a robot and discover the principles of programming.


Motorola Walkie Talkie - T40

A pair of serious two-way radios, with a 4km range, requires 6 AAA batteries, not included.


Tin Can Robot

Transform a metal drinks can into a bizarre walking, wobbling, boggle-eyed robot with this cool scientific recycling project.

Smartphone Science

Twenty different experiments to use with a smartphone or tablet and turn it into an awesome, pocket sized science lab (no download or app required).

Stikbot Studio

Stikbot Studio to make a stop motion film with two Stikbots as the stars!

Stikbot (single)

Make a stop motion film with Stikbot as the star! What will yours do?

Cyber Robot Kit

Build a moving, programmable robot, download the app and see what you can learn with this amazing activity set.


Build An Internal Combustion Engine Kit

Build a fully working model of a petrol car 4-cylinder engine with ignition sound!

Cool Circuits

Looking for a challenge? This tough game challenges you to complete an electrical circuit using eight seemingly simple pieces - but don’t be fooled, it's pretty tricky!

Solar Spinner Geomagnet Set

Magnetic construction toy with components to make a solar spinner.


Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set

Develop early coding skills, using critical thinking and problem solving with this fascinating STEM activity set. Programme the mouse to get to the cheese!


Marvin's iMagic Box of Magic Tricks

You won’t believe your eyes with this amazing magic set. Create mind blowing entertainment using the latest technology to enhance traditional magic, resulting in astonishing illusions and visual effects with interactive play.


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