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Project stunning, crisp images onto your wall or ceiling and transform your room into an outer space light show!


Enjoy a relaxing display of colour and movement as these dainty jellyfish appear to dance in the water!


Build an adorable smart friend!  Tobbie the Robot has 6 legs, IR sensor and a dual gearbox, when he is assembled, he has two interactive modes – follow Me and Explore, with fun sounds and light effects.  Tobbie develops and reacts with his own emotions and gestures, just like a pet!  


Build and programme a real robot.  A unique scientific kit that allows you to assemble an actual robot with lots of electronic components and a free app. 


We just adore this robot!  When we tested our new range, he was a winner in the office – he has 6 FUNctions, and the emphasis is on FUN!


An intelligent motion-controlled robot with an awesome 50 programmable actions to perform more than 20 functions, including dancing, speech function and flashing lights. 


Assemble your robot and place the mechanical coding wheel into the heart of the robot to steer its coded courses and tasks. 

Coding is easily implemented by snapping the coding buttons into the wheel and having the robot perform its basic functions – go forward, backwards, turn and spin etc.  A new concept of coding without a computer or APP.  Thanks to the easy to follow approach, coding and performing the tasks (such as throwing, lifting, kicking or drawing) become more interesting and challenging as the user’s skills increase. 

Requires 2 x AAA batteries – not included.


Artie Max is a Wi-Fi enabled drawing robot you control via the Wi-fi from your tablet or computer. A fascinating introduction to coding and programming using 5 different languages , Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python and C++  Artie will draw whatever you input into its program.


This funky little flying bee is controlled by your hand!  Charge it up with the USB charging cable provided.


An incredible hovering, colour changing, indoor UFO.  The UFO illuminates with bright flashing LEDs, creating awesome light effects, perfect for day or night flight. 

£13.99 £11.89

An awesome camera drone with 20 minute flight time and incredible features.  Control distance approx. 40m.  Drone takes pictures and video, performs 360 flips, with one key landing, emergency stop, 2 speed settings, LED lights and one key return.  Complete with blade guard covers and replacement blades. 

Drone license not required.

Control this incredible quadcopter drone with hand gestures alone!  With a 6 axis Gyroscope system for stable flights and an awesome 360 degree stunt feature and a coloured LED flash.  Perfect for beginners

An awesome UFO drone, controlled by hand gestures, with eerie built in flashing LED lights.  Simple to operate and lots of fun!


Build a mechanical solar bug that comes to life when the sun shines on his back. 


Construct a life-like Squid Robot that vibrates its way along a table top with mesmerising movements of the wiggling tentacles.  

£17.99 £14.39

Build and re-build the parts of this comprehensive 182-piece kit into 3 different robot designs: Doodler, Shooter and Sweeper.  Master the simple coding system which allows the robot to move in 8 different directions.  Tribo is the perfect choice for a first coding robot as children build up their critical thinking skills through trial and error.  

Build your own motor driven T-Rex dinosaur robot from this comprehensive kit

Assemble your Aqua Robot from the kit provided and watch it swim along when the sunlight shines on its solar cells, or be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.

£20.99 £18.89

Build the spider robot and watch him scuttle up and down his silk thread like a real spider, he cleverly changes direction at the top and bottom – scary!  Requires 2 x AAA batteries – not included.



A large interactive tarantula that feels like the real thing with light up eyes and a 360 rotation.  Super scary – watch him scuttle across the floor in a realistic movement!  

An exciting game of laser tag for 2 players, using infrared technology. Requires 10 AA batteries, not included.

Transform a metal drinks can into a bizarre walking, wobbling, boggle-eyed robot with this cool scientific recycling project.


Assemble an amazing robotic crab which detects the edge of any platform or table and makes a quick turn to avoid the edge!

£17.99 £16.19

Discover the secrets of mechanics, experiment with levers, cogs and pulleys and assemble different models with increasing difficulty levels.


Mi Mic, Incredible value, karaoke microphone and speaker.  


Mi Mic - Incredible value, karaoke microphone and  Bluetooth speaker



Bring your drawing to life with the clever Glowpad!  Draw, switch on the LED lights to brilliantly display your artwork then wipe it clean and start again!  



A high quality Bluetooth water dancing speaker with 7 coloured liquid jets that dance to the music and is compatible with most music devices. 


A mesmerising eruption of light and water creates a stunning, yet relaxing display that imitates an erupting volcano.  Requires 3 x AA batteries – not included.  This is not a toy.


A slithering Anaconda with life-like movements and retractable tongue, operated by simple remote control.  

£29.00 £23.20

Very clever, wall climbing super car that sticks using vacuum suction!  Brilliant fun for adults and children too.  


Choose 1 of the 32 different characters in one tiny console to keep well fed and happy.  What will you choose?  


Discover the driving force of water.  Build 6 different air and water powered models with this 47 piece set, learning the physics of forces, rocket propulsion and pneumatics.


Splash resistant light-up wireless Wi-Fi shower speaker, with a choice of fixed or fading pulse colour.  Charge with USB cable included.  This is not a toy.


Build a fully working model of a petrol car 4-cylinder engine with ignition sound!


A laser beam bending game of logical thinking!  With 60 challenge cards of varying difficulty the player has to arrange tokens on the grid, laid out as the card and work out how to position extra tokens to deflect the beam to find the path to hit the target.

£32.00 £27.20

Brilliant device to turn a mobile phone into a microscope with up to 30 times magnification!
See below for video!

£8.99 £8.09

Build a clever hybrid crabot that crawls along on solar power when the sun is shining and can be powered by battery when there’s no sunlight! 

Out of stock

A set of two remote-controlled battle tanks to battle against each other in a game of laser tag, each tank features 360° movement, with realistic sounds and LED indicators.  Each successful hit causes the tank to shudder and after 4 strikes the tank will become disabled.  Control range: 10-15m, firing range 8-10m

Out of stock

Control this incredible quadcopter drone with hand gestures alone!  With a 6 axis Gyroscope system for stable flights and an awesome 360 degree stunt feature and a coloured LED flash.  Perfect for beginners. 



Out of stock

Assemble your Rover Robot from the kit provided and watch it roll along when the sunlight shines on its solar cells, or be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.

Out of stock

Create any message, reminder or design using the 3 vibrant pens on the glass frame.  Turn on the frame and the message illuminates brightly with a neon effect glow!

Out of stock

Assemble the 12 pieces to build a robot that jumps using snowmobile treads and rubber bands.  This easy build STEM kit is supplied with experiment sheet and stickers.

Out of stock

Develop early coding skills, using critical thinking and problem solving with this fascinating STEM activity set. Programme the mouse to get to the cheese!


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