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Our magnetic number and letter games include magnetic letters, magnetic numbers and magnetic words - all suitable for use as fridge magnets or on magnetic whiteboards.

Magnetic Numbers & Letters

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Magnetic First Calendar

Durable magnetic calendar is a super way for children to learn days, months, seasons and weather.

Magnetic Tell The Time

This magnetic clock is a fun practical way for children to learn how to tell the time - both in analogue and digital format.


Magnetic Time & Calendar Bundle

Magnetic Time & Calendar Bundle includes Magnetic Tell the Time (118007) and Magnetic Calender (118006)


Magnetic First Maths

A fun interactive set to learn maths. Counting to 20, addition and subtraction.

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Phonics

Magnetic phonics with words and pictures is a fantastic aid to learning how to sound out words and piece together new words more easily.

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Letters - Lowercase

Box of colourful lower-case wooden letters in striking designs, to make learning as simple as ABC.

Out of stock

Magnetic Letters - Uppercase

Box of colourful upper-case wooden letters in striking designs, to make learning as simple as ABC.


Magnetic Reception Words & Board

Magnetic board, word magnet and pen set with Reception Year words


Magnetic Words & Board Years 1&2

Magnetic board, word magnet and pen set with Year 1 & 2 words.


Magnetic Words & Board Years 3,4&5

Magnetic board, word magnet and pen set with Year 3, 4 & 5 words.


Magnetic Star Chart

Magnetic reward chart with pre-printed activities and blanks for your own activities!

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Numbers

Box of colourful wooden number magnets and mathematical symbols to use on any magnetic surface to make maths fun.


Magnetic Spanish Words

A fun, interactive way to learn first Spanish vocabulary, numbers, colours, greetings and more.

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Wooden Letters

As easy as ABC!! Great learning aid of 58 lower case magnetic wooden letters in striking bright designs.


Magnetic French Words

A fun, interactive set to learn French vocabulary, colours, numbers, greetings and more!

£10.99 £11.99

Ready, Set, School Activity Kit

Simply bursting with fun activities for pre-schoolers with write & wipe books, lacing and tying activities, tracing, sticking, dot to dot, abc, 123, shapes and colours! Lots for little ones to learn and enjoy.
£17.99 £19.99
Out of stock

Magnetic First Writing

A fun interactive set to learn to read and write letters and words.

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Money

A fun, interactive set to practice essential life skills and learn all about money! The perfect present for young entrepreneurs!

£10.99 £11.99
We have a variety of colourful, fun and useful magnetic numbers and letters which are perfect to give as gifts to children. Help them learn to spell fun words or use the magnets to make sums, or simply to form silly sentences on your fridge! These magnets can help children to spell and count so are educational too. We not only offer magnetic number and letter packs but also words so children can learn how to construct sentences and stories, and even less traditional number and letter magnets such as French word magnets and ‘tell the time’ magnets too!