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Bath time should be all about having fun, and bonding with your child. Our superb range of bath toys for babies and toddlers are great for turning bath time to playtime!

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Pirates of the Tub

A massive 37-piece pirate playset for the bath with 3 squirters and soft foam play pieces that float or stick.


Aquabot Seahorse with Bowl

Realistic looking Hexbug robotic light-up seahorse that swims in water!
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Bath Flutes

Musical bath set consisting of 5 flutes and foam holder with waterproof music sheets and instructions. Play as a simple whistle or tune with water!

Floating Whale

A happy floating whale with soft rubber fins for bath time adventures.
£9.99 £11.99

Clockwork Submarine

Smart little submarine with clever clockwork wind-up action is a best seller

Bath Crayons Set

Colourful bath crayons for children to draw on bath or skin.

Painting in the Bath

Four pots of paint to finger paint in the bath! Four cute foam stampers (turtle, starfish etc) also included.

£5.99 £8.99

Bathtime Racers Duo

A pair of clockwork swimmers to race in the bath.

Bath Water Wheel

Bath Water Wheel for good clean fun!


Fish 'n Fun

Catch cute foam fish in the bath with Fish 'n Fun!

Do Re Mi Dolphins

Delightful musical dolphins make bath time even more fun!


Surfing in the Tub

Surfing in the Tub - a surfing, squirting monkey for bath time fun!
£7.99 £11.99

Stack & Pour Cups

Set of 9 brightly coloured plastic cups for stacking or playing with in water.


Yellow Submarine

Yellow submarine with removeable diver. Beautifully made with sustainable materials and principles.


Flower Shower

Bright yellow smiley faced flower that showers water pumped up from the bath.


Rainbow Ducks Fishing Game

Hook a Duck! Six vibrantly coloured and numbered ducks and 2 rods with safe hooks.

Bath Tub Hoopla

Bath time hoopla fun for all the family to practice their aim while enjoying a soak!


Foam Cone Factory

Enjoy ice-cream making in the bath, with this bath foam swirly ice-cream making machine!


Light Up Bath Dragon

A cheerful, bright green dragon to play with in the bath.


Dirty Dog Squirters

Put these 3 soft, squishy dog squirters in warm water and watch the magic ink"dirt" spots disappear and reappear as they cool down!

Bath Squirters - Ocean

Cheerful, soft ocean creature shaped bath squirters.

Mermaids in the Tub

Two cute mermaid squirters with a soft foam floating castle playset for bath time fun.


RC Rescue Boat

A simple to use, remote controlled rescue boat for the bath or paddling pool.


Sailing Boat - Penguin

Sustainably made, beautifully designed sailing boat with fabric sail and cute penguin for fun in and out of the bath!


Bath toys can make bath time fun both and relaxing for babies and toddlers. Children's bath toys can squirt, blow bubbles or fizz while they get clean, and, let's be honest, can be just as much fun for grown-ups too! From paddling ducks to magnetic boats and pretend shaving sets there are children's bath toys that will make bath time the highlight of their day! You can even encourage your own future Banksy with bath toys like bath time crayons that draw on the skin, or tiles or the bath - then wash off easily afterwards. We have a range of safe, colourful and educational bath toys that will delight your little water baby, as well as practical baby bath toys that will make bath time an enjoyable experience for all the family. If your child shows nervousness in the water, then a fun bath toy can help them increase their confidence too!