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Our range includes magnetic puzzles for children of all ages! Choose from magnetic shape boxes or fantastic magnetic wooden toys which can be pulled apart and then put back together time and time again.

Magnetic Puzzles

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Flipside Magnetic Puzzle

Frustrating, maddening fun! Quality hand held puzzle, double sided, so double the fun.


Geoforme Magnetic Shapes Box

Magnetic wooden pieces in vibrant colours in a magnetic wooden carry case to create patterns with 24 different pattern cards to follow (or just make your own!).


My First Safari Animals

A selection of magnetic rods and safari animals to build, fully compatible with the Smartmax Start.


Magnetic Helicopter

Strong wooden helicopter, from Janod with integral magnets that separates into five chunky pieces and can be reassembled time and again.


Magnetic Aeroplane

Superb quality little Wooden Magnetic Aeroplane to assemble from Janod.

Magnetic Rocket

Super sturdy little Wooden Magnetic Rocket with spinning propeller from Janod.

Magnetic puzzles provide a fun alternative to traditional piece puzzles, and are fantastic for children to play with. We offer a range of puzzles, such as the colourful Geoforme Magnetic Shapes box for hours of stimulating playtime, to magnetic toys such as helicopters and rockets which are fun to pull apart and put back together again - and can keep your children entertained, having fun for hours on end!