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Children of all ages simply love to make music, and so our range of toy musical instruments and musical toys are sure to delight them.


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Band in a Box

10 piece set of easy to play wood and metal musical instruments for an introduction to music, stored in a wooden crate. Contains 2 x maracas, tambourine, triangle, tone block, clacker and 2 x cymbals.

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Cheery wooden drum with two drumsticks


Snazzy Xylophone

Rainbow wooden Xylophone with 12 notes and 2 beaters.

Snazzy Maracas

Pair of Snazzy design Maracas



Wooden painted harmonica


Musical Bear

A wooden bear shaped xylophone with eight metal keys and two hammers.


My First Confetti Guitar

Bright red wooden first guitar, with 6 metal tuneable strings. An ideal first guitar!


Guitar - Pink

A brightly painted acoustic wooden toy guitar is great fun for rock star role play!


Guitar - Blue

A brightly painted acoustic wooden toy guitar is great fun and an ideal introduction to making music.


Confetti Ukulele

Attractive spotty wooden ukulele, with 4 tuneable nylon strings – a great first ukulele.


Mi-Mic Microphone & Speaker - Pink

Mi Mic, Incredible value, karaoke microphone and speaker.  


Mi-Mic Microphone & Speaker - Silver

Mi Mic - Incredible value, karaoke microphone and  Bluetooth speaker



Light Up Strobe Bar

Enjoy a funky light show with this sound activated strobe bar. A multi coloured light show that reacts to your sounds and music.

Piano Mat

Play music as you dance up and down on this giant piano mat.


DJ Mat

Scratch, play and perform on this soft DJ play mat that responds to every prod, poke and touch with music!


Musical instruments make for fantastic gifts for kids and can keep them entertained for hours on end. We are pleased to offer a huge variety of toy musical instruments for children. Whether you a looking for something that makes music like our cuddly turtle tunes toy, or you want to give them the special gift of their very first instrument - we have it all! From maracas to harmonicas, keyboards to guitars, why not share your passion and start your child’s lifelong love of music today?