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A great selection of pocket money toys, stocking fillers or party bag ideas - all under £5!

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Dinosaurs Scratch Cards

Scratch to create the details on four printed card pictures.  Set includes 4 cards to scratch and a scraping tool.


Invisible Ink Spy Pen Set

Can you see what I see?  Super pen set for super sleuths, write an invisible note with the pen and shine the mini torch to reveal the message.  Set of 2 pens.


Maps Reusable Sticker Book

Match the animal stickers to where they are found in the world.  With 7 colourful continent maps and 150 reusable stickers.


Penguin & Baby Jigsaw

A Fair Trade painted wooden puzzle.  The five-piece puzzle forms a cute penguin and baby, the perfect size for little hands.


Pig & Piglet Jigsaw

A Fair Trade painted wooden puzzle.  The four-piece puzzle forms a cheerful pig and piglet, just right for little hands.


School Memories Yearbook

A school yearbook to fill with memories, messages and signatures from class mates and teachers, with special pages for best friends and future dreams.  24 bright and colourful pages.


Sea Life Scratch Cards

Four highly detailed sea life scratch cards and scraping tool, scratch to create even more details that glow in the dark. 


Tiger & Cub Jigsaw

A Fair Trade painted wooden puzzle.  The four-piece puzzle forms a striking tiger and cub, perfectly sized for little hands.


Transport Snap

Snap! Traditional card game.


Wooly Willy

Wooly Willy magnetic drawing set


Helicopter Balloon

Watch the balloon helicopter fly and make a whistling sound as it whirls around!


Wooden Football Rattle

Brightly painted wooden football rattle, loud enough to please little ones but quiet enough to not drive the family mad!  Assorted colours/designs. 


Bendy Booklight Man

A thin and flexible reading light and bookmark that bends into shape to hold your pages – perfect for reading in bed! Assorted colours - blue or pink.


Fairy Friends Tattoos

Two sheets of magical fairy themed temporary tattoos.


Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion

Timeless practical joke to bring tears of laughter to the sternest faces.  Place under a cushion and it wait for the noise!  Great, self-inflating style means no overfilling and perfect for practical jokers.


Lemon Clock

Make a clock from a lemon – a brilliant way to learn about batteries!

Out of stock

Wooden Noughts and Crosses

Traditional wooden game with 9 little naughts and crosses cubes, played in the traditional way and stored in a wooden tray.


Pick Up Sticks

Set of traditional, wooden Pick Up Sticks.


Flowers Tattoos

Dermatologically tested children’s tattoo set.


Sky Diver

Skydiver with parachute for flying fun!


Wooden IQ Puzzle

An intriguing IQ puzzle to frustrate and enthral!  All wooden puzzle in plastic free packaging.  7 wooden pattern pieces in a wooden tray.


Giant Clockwork Teeth

We all love them! Giant Clockwork Teeth with big googly eyes - wind them up and off they chatter!



Chickens can fly!! Pull it back and release and see the chicken fly accross the room!



Out of stock

Glitter Water Jetball

Mesmerising bouncy ball full of glittery water.


Wooden Magic Unicorn Press-Up

Super quality wooden push-up unicorn. Press the base to watch her dance!


Bike Spoke Light

Fantastic glowing and flashing light device that easily fits to bike spokes, making your bike more colourful and safer too.  Water resistant.  This is not a toy.  Batteries included.


LED Fingers

Set of 4 different coloured finger lights. Tiny torches to strap on your fingers and wiggle to create patterns!


Swirling Ocean Ball

The world will be in the palm of your hand (or at your feet) with this great bouncy ball.  The size of a tennis ball, printed with the countries of the world with the seas shown in realistic, moving swirls through the clear rubber.


Wooden Snake

Cleverly jointed wooden snake to wriggle and move rhythmically.


Wooden Yoyo

Sturdy wooden yoyo in assorted colours.


Rearview Spy Glasses

Rearview Spy Glasses, ingeniously designed with mirrored outer inserts so you can spy on people without them knowing!

Jacks Game

Popular timeless game of skill and dexterity will bring back fond memories of schooldays.


Large T-Rex Hatching Egg

Much loved hatching egg toy with an orange egg and t-rex toy.


Large Stegosaurus Hatching Egg

Much loved hatching egg toy with a pink egg and stegosaurus toy.


Large Triceratops Hatching Egg

Much loved hatching egg toy with a green egg and triceratops toy.


Kaleidoscope Spotty Galaxy

Make pretty patterns with a traditional kaleidoscope.


Pull Back Mouse

Cute wooden pull-back mouse. One supplied, colours may vary. 


Bath Crayons

Six crayons that can be used on the bath, tiles or yourself!  Good clean fun.


Rail Train Name

A personalised present and a train in one! Shown with our Rail Name Engine (code 60223) and Guard's Van (code 60104) which are not included with the train but available separately to make up the full train.

Select select the number of letters required and specify the child's name in the box.  The price will then be calculated at £3 per letter. 

Unfortunately the Rail Name Engine is currently unavailable and not due back in to stock until 2022. Why not add one of our themed trains and carriages, such as Dinosaur Engine and CarriagesFarmyard Train or Goods Train


Rail Name Guards Van

The optional Guard’s Van which can be added to complete our personalised Rail Name.


Animal Letters

Animal Letters ideal for Bedrooms, bright and colourful with animal illustrations. These are available as letters only - please do not include any punctuation.
We will choose a selection of colours to make a colourful name, some colours may be repeated, depending on the available stock.



Funky Letters

Personalise a room or door etc with these funky self adhesive pink wooden letters. Please specify the child's name in the box and select the number of letters required - the price will then be calculated, at £1 per letter.


Sevi Animal Letters

Wooden jungle alphabet letters to personalise bedroom doors and more!
Select the letters you require for your child's name below.




Fairytale Letters

Large colourful wooden letters in pink with a variety of colourful designs with an image that depicts the letter.



Worry Doll

The sweetest little hand crafted worry dolls with their own silky drawstring bag.



Create super swirly spiral patterns simply with this great little 7-piece set!  Select a disc and place it against the inside of the larger ring and off you go!


Scratch Boards

Four scratchboards with scraping tool, all of the gorgeous images have a theme of animals at night.


Cat's Cradle

Traditional playground game of Cat’s Cradle with soft cord and full instructions


If you are looking for a great quality gift for under a fiver, then take a look at our under £5 range. We have a huge number of fantastic, fun toys and games that won’t break the bank!