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We have a great range of rocket and shooter toys for kids. Whether you’re looking for a more gentle shooter for a younger child or a rocket shooter or ray gun for more boisterous fun - we have it all!

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Handbow & Target Bundle

Special Offer! When you buy the Handbow & Target as a Bundle save £2.00


Sureshot Handbow

Accurate handbow and target especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. 


Sureshot Target

The 25 cms  target is wall hanging or use the integral fold out legs for standing on smooth surfaces. 


Table Shooter

Table top catapult that fires soft foam balls up to 20 ft, great for launching surprise attacks on friends and family (or unsuspecting colleagues!) 6 soft foam balls supplied.


Narwhal Popper

Squeeze the narwhal to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres!


Unicorn Popper

Pop, pop, pop a unicorn popper!


Dino Popper

Have fun with a friendly dinosaur shooter and soft foam balls.


Pig Popper

Squeeze the pig to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres.


Penguin Popper

Pop, pop, pop a penguin popper!


Shark Popper

Squeeze the shark to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres.


Atomic Power Popper

Rapid fire pump action gun that shoots air powered foam balls.

Bow and Arrows

Take aim - fire! Lightweight, fun Bow and Arrows archery set for children.


Metal Spud Gun

Metal Spud Gun can fire potato pieces, water or rubber pellets.

Big Bang Rocket

Make a big noise with a Big Bang Rocket simply powered by newspaper.
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Toy rockets, guns and shooters are great for active kids to play with. We offer a variety of toy shooters such as our cute animal poppers which are perfect for younger children with their soft foam balls, or our popper guns, rays guns and bow and arrows are great for older kids and are safe, durable and lots of fun.