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A great selection of toys and gifts at affordable prices, perfect for birthday party presents, and all priced under £10.

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Bathtime Racers Duo

A pair of clockwork swimmers to race in the bath.

Balancing Cactus

Mini version of the strategic game to build and balance the cactus without making it fall. 

£7.99 £9.99

Penguin Popper

Pop, pop, pop a penguin popper!


Pig Popper

Squeeze the pig to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres.


Dino Popper

Have fun with a friendly dinosaur shooter and soft foam balls.


Flying Monkey

Innovative caped and masked monkey can fly an amazing long distance and makes a screeching howling noise as he lands!


Metal Springy

Traditional metal springy that will mesmerise you when it walks down stairs by stretching and snapping back into place.

Out of stock

Magnetic Star Chart

Magnetic reward chart with pre-printed activities and blanks for your own activities!

£9.99 £11.99

Magnetic Words & Board Years 3,4&5

Magnetic board, word magnet and pen set with Year 3, 4 & 5 words.

£8.99 £10.99

Honeybake Egg Cup Set

Eggs-actly what you’re looking for!  A cute wooden boiled egg and soldiers in a cheeky little egg cup.

£9.99 £11.99

Toddler Lift Out Puzzle - Farm

Chunky lift out wooden puzzle in a friendly farm theme.

£8.99 £11.99

Magnetic First Writing

A fun interactive set to learn to read and write letters and words.

£9.99 £11.99

Eugy Koala

Build your own 3D model koala from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


8 Classic Metal Puzzles

A set of 8 fiendish metal puzzles, guaranteed to give your brain a good workout!


Santa Popper

Squeeze Santa’s tummy and watch him fire soft foam balls (or are they sprouts?) up to 6 meters.


Hugs - Creative With Paper

Create scenes filled with tenderness and love (because we all need hugs!) by following the instructions to make 4 cute pictures.  With pre-cut shapes, sticky dots and stickers this absorbing art set does not require any messy glue.


Parrot On A Perch

Make your own cheeky parrot on a perch to bring character and colour to any room.  Simple instructions, no glue or scissors required.  Learn about different parrot species in the fun packed activity sheets included.


Paper Folding Dancers

Create the stage costumes for four dancers by folding strips of paper and superimposing them onto templates, following a series of numbered patterns. The graceful and colourful dancers come to life as 2D images, when the folded paper outfits are applied to the pre-printed pictures.


Eugy Tyranno Dino

Build your own 3D model tyrannosaurus from pre-cut card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.



Felt-Tip Brush Pens - Pop Colours

A set of 10 top quality double-ended felt tip pens, one fine line end, the other thicker, like a brush stroke.  Four of the colours are bright neon colours!


Lantern Painting Kit

Turn this delicate paper lantern into a stunning room decoration.  Let your imagination run riot and paint in your own style to make a decorative item.  Includes paper lantern, paint strip & brush.


Wiggly Words

A brain teasing dominoes-style word game for the whole family to enjoy.  Race to build a winding line of wiggly worms, each card with parts of a word, making the perfect balance between education and fun.  45 double-sided cards, for 2-4 players.


Jumble Jungle

Find pairs of matching jungle animals in this first memory game for 2-4 players.


Invent Fairy Tales

Identify, create and re-tell fairy stories using 25 colourful picture cards, jumble them up and make new stories, a great way to encourage imagination and vocabulary.


Woodland Cube Puzzle

Five-piece woodland animal cube puzzle in a tray made from FSC wood.  Match the cube faces to create six different animals.


Stack & Pour Bath Egg

Seven-piece egg that stacks together, but take it apart and each piece is a water sprinkler for the bath or paddling pool.  An imaginative stack and pour bath toy.


Eugy Reindeer

Build your own cute 3D model Reindeer from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Santa

Build your own 3D model Santa from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Snowman

Build your own 3D model Snowman from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Parrot

Build your own 3D model parrot from colourful, numbered pre-cut card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Humpback Whale

Build your own 3D model humpback whale from numbered pre-cut card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Mystery Chemistry

Is it a chemistry set? Is it a game? Yes, it’s both! Combine the answers to the riddles correctly and discover the path to follow on this adventurous journey with experiments, puzzles and mysterious clues.  Use the contents and some familiar household items to complete the experiments and work around the map using the decrypting wheel and illustrated manual.  Fascinating scientific fun.


Giant Ocean Origami

Creative folding fun with spectacular results!  Set of 6 pre-printed large sheets of paper and easy to follow instructions, to fold into giant origami sea creatures and proudly display in your room.  Plastic free packaging.


Little Pet Puppets

Create your own pet puppy, cat and two mice puppets, no more than 5 easy steps to make each one.

£5.99 £6.99

Bath Pop Book

Colourful soft book of friendly ocean animals to brighten up bath time.  Four pages that pop together in any order for a changeable story.  Quick drying and machine washable.


My First Quilling - Little Bugs

Learn the art of quilling and use it to decorate cards with pre-printed with cute bugs.  Includes 8 cards, quilling tools and instructions, 180 pieces of quilling paper and googly eyes.


Glow in the Dark Fairy Buttons

Create fabulous Glow in the Dark Fairy Buttons, to make badges or pretty hair accessories.

£9.99 £11.99

Magnetic First Maths

A fun interactive set to learn maths. Counting to 20, addition and subtraction.

£9.99 £11.99

Farm Skittles

Six wooden animal skittles with cute detailing and bowling ball.

£8.99 £10.99

Alphabet Lotto

Learn the letters of the alphabet in this fun lotto game from Orchard Toys

£8.99 £10.99

Infinity Loop

Fascinating and mesmerising infinity loop flow ring, a tactile kinetic marvel


Sound Detectives

A brilliant way to improve listening skills.  Listen to the clues and catch the thieves in this fun sound game.  Download the free Orchard Toys App to play.

£9.99 £10.99

Fancy Pal Penguin Bag

Cute and cuddly soft blue penguin chick in a richly decorated fabric bag.

£9.99 £11.99

Glow Stars & Unicorns

A set of eight beautiful unicorns and 35 glittery stars that all glow in the dark, supplied with self-adhesive pads.


My First Puzzles - On Safari

A set four safari animal puzzles in chunky card for younger children.


Mould & Paint 3D Glitter Unicorns

A set to make 2 glittering magical 3D unicorns. With moulds, plaster powder, carving tool, paints, brushes, glitter powder and instructions. A delightful quiet activity with a magical result.

£9.99 £10.99

Bus 1-5 Jigsaw

All aboard!  A Fair Trade, painted wooden puzzle with 5 interlocking chunky pieces, numbered 1-5.


Lion & Monkey Maracas

Little ones will adore making music with these beautifully crafted and brightly coloured wooden maracas.


Making perfect gifts for children's parties, if you are looking for a great gift for under ten pounds, then take a look at what’s in this section. We have a huge number of products, toys and games that we are sure your child will love - and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either!