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Outdoor games and garden toys for kids make great gifts and are brilliant to help keep kids active and get lots of fresh air!

Traditional Garden Games

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Mucky Mud Kitchen

Who’s for mud pie?  A brilliant outdoor play kitchen, crafted in durable Canadian Hemlock wood for year-round garden fun!  Set includes removeable tray for mud-mixing mucky-pups, 3 stainless steel pans and two utensils, food prep area and storage shelf.  Requires adult assembly.


Crazy Golf

Create your own course for family fun with these crazy obstacles and wooden clubs.


Croquet Set

A traditional colourful wooden croquet set, the perfect family game for summer days.



Scandinavian natural wooden skittles game with 12 numbered skittles and Mölkky – the baton you throw instead of a ball! 


Lawn Darts

Can you throw the darts into the hoop? Safe, fun target game for all the family to enjoy. Throw the rounded, weighted darts and see if you can get them in to the hoop!


Wooden Quoits

Newly designed Wooden Quoits set with rope rings and stable, screw together assembly.  Simply brilliant garden fun.


Retro Space Hopper

Retro Space Hopper for crazy, bouncing fun!




Double Water Slider

A two lane water slide for double the fun! 


Gymnastic Ribbon

Twirl the Ribbon like a gymnast making enormous loops, twists and turns.


Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Rainbow Stunt Streamer, fun to play with and a joy to watch! Loop and swirl with rainbow coloured ribbon for active fun.


Brookite Classic Bow Tail Kite

A classic Kite in bright primary colours with a multicoloured tail to dance on the breeze. 50m line with handle and fibreglass frame simply assembles into the traditional kite shape.


Pocket Kite

Foldaway, lightweight pocket kite. No sticks, no assembly but great flyer with 35 metre line.


Cottage Garden Den Kit

The Cottage Garden Den Kit is the gift of adventure!  Everything you need to create a den in the great outdoors, including a purple tarpaulin, packed into a sturdy haversack.


Den Kit

Brilliant den kit for outdoor adventure and escapades!  


The Forest Den Kit

Enjoy hours of simple outdoor fun building dens with this brilliant set.  The sturdy canvas bag is full of kit including tarpaulin, groundsheet and camouflage netting, rope and tent pegs with lots of adventure accessories to capture the imagination and inspire outdoor escapades.


Knot Skills Kit

Two colourful lengths of cordage and guide to learn 6 essential knots and their uses, contained in a hessian drawstring sack. Adult supervision recommended.


Camping Set

Set up camp - indoors or outdoors -with this 9 piece camping and adventure set with brilliant realistic effect battery powered lantern and stove from the Learning Resources Let's Pretend range.


Super Soaker Fire Hose Backpack

Super Soaker Fire Hose Backpack is perfect for little heroic firefighters to have wet watery fun in the garden. It's a powerful watershooter and a great dressing up accessory in one!


Water Blaster Beast

Enjoy some wet fun with a beastly water shooter!


Didicar - Green

Have a thrilling ride with a cleverly designed Didicar that that uses no pedals or batteries - simply move the steering wheel from side to side!


Didicar - Teal

Have a thrilling ride with a cleverly designed Magic Roller Rider / Didicar that that uses no pedals or batteries - just centrifugal force!


Didicar - Yellow

Have a thrilling ride with a cleverly designed Didicar that that uses no pedals or batteries - just centrifugal force!


Bug Viewer

Explore nature up close with the magnifying Bug Viewer!


Giant Chalks Set

A set of 20 giant chalks in 7 colours in a handy lidded tub.


Outdoor Night Vision Torch

A night vision torch with bright red LEDs to illuminate objects without disrupting your eyes’ natural adaptation to the dark.


Sneak & Peek Periscope

A wide viewing periscope with LED light for night exploration.


Digital Metal Detector

Explore for metal objects and even buried treasure with this easy to use Digital Metal Detector.


Bow and Arrows

Take aim - fire! Lightweight, fun, role play Bow and Arrows archery set for children.


Crossbow & Target Set

Accurate crossbow and target set especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with target.


Handbow & Target Set

Accurate handbow and target especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with target.


2 Pop Up Goals

A pair of quality pop-up goals in a carry-bag with handle - everything you need for football training.


Build Your Own Plane Launcher Kit

Build your own cardboard plane launcher using a slot together technique and launch incredible paper planes with this awesome sustainable kit!


The Bird Nest Kit

Lend nesting birds a helping hand by foraging for nesting materials and learning about the needs of garden birds with this educational set.  Fill the cage with twigs,  moss and supplied materials, using the kit to provide the needs of your local birds.


The Natural Fabric Art Kit

Learn all about four ancient art styles and use them to create fascinating designs on fabric using nature as your muse.  Everything you need including plant colouring, charcoal, wax and fabrics.


The Potion Making Kit

Encourage the joyful pastime of potion making in the great outdoors with this thoughtfully assembled set.


Elektra Pogo Stick - Pink

Tough durable pogo stick in pink with heavy duty spring.


Pogo Stick - Black/Silver

Tough durable pogo stick in black and silver with heavy duty spring.


Pull-along Cart

Red Pull-along cart, with metal tray and plastic wheels.



Juggling Balls Set

Set of 3 juggling balls with instruction booklet.



Can you spin the diabolo on the string, flip it and catch it?


Catch Ball Set

An easy introduction to the game of catch using Velcro pads to catch with. Catch ball set for two players with two catching pads and 1 ball.

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Flashing Hula Hoop

A slot together hula hoop that can be adjusted to two different sizes that flashes in use to create a wonderful whirl of colour!


Mini Trampoline

This junior trampoline from Galt will have children jumping for joy whilst exercising and keeping fit!  With folding legs for easy storage.



Rope Ladder

Very strong rope ladder easily attaches to trees and climbing frames.


Wooden Toddler Cradle Swing

Classic Wooden Cradle Swing makes a perfect first swing for your toddler.  The rope length from base of swing to metal fixing rings is adjustable, but maximum is approx 155 cms.


Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Kit

Commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in a creative, planet friendly way.  Add to the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative by encouraging children to plant a seed to grow a tree, with everything you need in this comprehensive kit.


The Herbarium Kit

Encourage a fascination in the world of botany by making your own herbarium, a visual record of plants you have collected, identified and pressed, resulting in a wonderful piece of natural art to treasure for years to come.


Our Collection of Traditional Garden Games 

You can have lots of fun with all the family with our range of children's garden toys & games. Traditional garden games are a great way to encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors! We have a wide variety of toys and games to help children explore their natural surroundings including our very popular Den Kit, Water Blaster and Rainbow Stunt Streamer.