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Outdoor games and garden toys for kids make great gifts and are brilliant to help keep kids active and get lots of fresh air!

Garden Toys & Games

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Crossbow & Target Set

Accurate crossbow and target set especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with target.
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Den Kit

Brilliant den kit for outdoor adventure and escapades!  


H2O Double Water Slider

Side by side super slippery water slide with inflatable ends and water sprinklers.


Handbow & Target Set

Accurate handbow and target especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with target.

Bubble Gun

Shoot streams of bubbles with a full of fun bubble gun!


Cottage Garden Den Kit

The Cottage Garden Den Kit is the gift of adventure!  Everything you need to create a den in the great outdoors, including a purple tarpaulin, packed into a sturdy haversack.


Crazy Golf Set

Crazy Golf Set - create your own course for family fun with these crazy obststacles and wooden clubs!

Juggling Balls Set

Set of 3 juggling balls with instruction booklet.


Lawn Darts

Can you throw the darts into the hoop? Safe, fun target game for all the family to enjoy. Throw the rounded, weighted darts and see if you can get them in to the hoop!


Mini Trampoline

This junior trampoline from Galt will have children jumping for joy whilst exercising and keeping fit!

Outdoor Night Vision Torch

A night vision torch with bright red LEDs to illuminate objects without disrupting your eyes’ natural adaptation to the dark.


Pogo Stick - Black/Silver

Tough durable pogo stick in black and silver with heavy duty spring.


Pogo Stick - Pink/Purple

Tough durable pogo stick in pink and purple with heavy duty spring.


Pull Cart

Classic large, tough strong steel wagon with safe rounded edges and wide tyres.
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Pull-along Cart

Red Pull-along cart, with metal tray and plastic wheels.



Quoits Set

Traditional garden game that never ages because anyone can play! Wooden quoits set - take one to the park!

Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Rainbow Stunt Streamer, fun to play with and a joy to watch! Loop and swirl with rainbow coloured ribbon for active fun.

Rope Ladder

Very strong rope ladder easily attaches to trees and climbing frames.

Sensory Ball (Large 18cm)

Easy to grasp rubber ball, designed for little ones to be able to enjoy sensory play.



Sneak & Peek Periscope

A wide viewing periscope with LED light for night exploration.


Super Soaker Fire Hose Backpack

Super Soaker Fire Hose Backpack is perfect for little heroic firefighters to have wet watery fun in the garden. It's a powerful watershooter and a great dressing up accessory in one!

Timmy - Flying Bird

Amazing toy that flaps its wings and flies up to 25m, entertaining children as it travels!


Water Blaster Beast

Enjoy some wet fun with a beastly water shooter!

Wooden Toddler Cradle Swing

Classic Wooden Cradle Swing makes a perfect first swing for your toddler.  The rope length from base of swing to metal fixing rings is adjustable, but maximum is approx 155 cms.


You can have lots of fun with all the family with our range of children's garden toys & games. Garden toys are a great way to encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors! We have a wide variety of toys and games to help children explore their natural surroundings including our very popular Den Kit, Water Blaster and Rainbow Stunt Streamer.