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Jigsaw puzzles are perfect to pass the time with, and our range of jigsaw puzzles for kids provide bright, colourful puzzles for hours of fun.

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Dinosaur Puzzle - 24 pieces

Durable wooden 24 piece jigsaw with dinosaurs for 2 - 3 years.

Noah's Ark Puzzle 48 piece

Noah's Ark wooden 48 piece jigsaw puzzle
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JigMap World

Educational jigsaw puzzle of the map of the World with fun quiz from Gibsons Games.


Noah's Ark Puzzle 24 pieces

Durable wooden 24 piece jigsaw featuring Noah's Ark for 2 - 3 year olds.
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Flags & Capitals Jigsaw

160 piece jigsaw showing the flags and capitals of 216 countries!


JigMap UK

Educational award winning jigsaw puzzle of the map of Britain & Ireland from Gibson Games


Dachshund 1-25 Number Puzzle

Glossy wooden 1-25 number dog puzzle in chunky, rainbow coloured interlocking pieces.


JigMap Europe

Educational award winning jigsaw puzzle of the map of Europe from Gibsons Games.


Who's in the Jungle

Jungle scene puzzle, with animals, birds, insects and flowers by Orchard Toys in 25 pieces.


Giant Road Puzzle

Large floor jigsaw puzzle to build a different road layout every time with 20 interchangeable pieces


Globe 3D Puzzle (180 pcs)

180-piece jigsaw that forms a beautifully illustrated globe when complete.


Number Puzzles

Develop counting and matching skills with these 10 brightly coloured three-piece puzzles, featuring numbers 1-10, each puzzle with the number, the word and number of items to count, e.g. 10, ten and ten worms to count, 4, four and four cats to count.


Castle Wooden Floor Puzzle 48 piece

A fascinating portrayal of the busy life of a castle in the form of a sturdy wooden 48 piece jigsaw.

Bear Family Puzzle

Simple mix and match wooden puzzle of a bear family and their clothes.


Crocodile A-Z Puzzle

Glossy wooden lower case a-z letter puzzle in chunky, rainbow coloured interlocking pieces in the shape of a crocodile.


My Body Puzzles

Learn about the different parts of the body and read fun facts with 2 different jigsaw puzzles of varying levels of difficulty with - "My Body inside and outside".

Big Dinosaurs Puzzle

Prehistoric scene jigsaw puzzle with dinosaurs.  Box features fascinating dinosaur facts and timeline.


Alphabet Puzzles

Develop matching skills with these 26 colourful two-piece puzzles featuring an image for each letter of the alphabet with the upper and lowercase letter.


The Wheels on the Bus Sound Puzzle

Classic wooden sound puzzle – lift one of the six puzzle pieces and you are rewarded with the relevant verse of the much-loved nursery rhyme “The Wheels on the Bus”. Replace the piece and it stops! 


Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect pastime. They help children develop their logical thinking skills, and are fun and rewarding to do. Children can tackle a jigsaw by themselves or with friends making it a fantastic and flexible gift for your child. Our range of kids jigsaw puzzles are bright and colourful, and we have a good variety for all ages - some simpler ones for younger kids and more intricate, detailed and even 3D versions for older children too.