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4M specialises in games and toy sets that are designed to challenge, entertain and develop children’s skills.


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Doodling Robot

Build an incredible doodling robot - a robot that’s an artist! Watch it create spectacular doodles as it shakes and spins on paper.


Dragon Robot

Build a crawling, snapping dragon robot from this roar-some kit!


French Knitting Butterfly

Learn a new craft with this easy to do French Knitting set and make 3 yarn butterflies! Set includes specially designed knitting reel, hook, yarn and clear instructions to make 3 colourful butterflies.

Glow Embroidery Stitches

The ideal activity for young crafters to learn stitching and make either a mini pillow or cute bag with amazing glow in the dark thread.

Glow Human Skeleton

Make a plaster skeleton, paint it and assemble on a magnetic wall chart. Brilliant fun and educational too!


Intruder Alarm Kit

Great kit to build your own door alarm to deter intruders!


Lemon Clock

Make a clock from a lemon – a brilliant way to learn about batteries!


Maths Magic

Astound your friends and family with your math knowledge, using this inventive math magic set to perform tricks, puzzle and games!


Mould & Paint Space

Create 6 out of this world plaster fridge magnets and badges and paint them with glow in the dark paint!

Mould and Paint Unicorns

Create 6 pretty plaster unicorn fridge magnets and badges and paint them.


Solar System Planetarium

Build an out of this world model planetarium, paint it and add glow effects too!


Tooth Fairy Box

Everything you need to create 4 tooth fairy boxes to keep your lost teeth in.

Anti Gravitation Magnetic Levitation

Awesome science set bursting with loads of components to complete seven amazing, gravity defying projects! With the Anti Gravitation Magnetic Levitation set you can make a pencil float in mid-air and so much more!

Bake It Shrink It Cupcake Charms

Bake It Shrink It Cupcake Charms! Make your own unique jewellery with a stylish set of cupcake jewellery charms and display them on a novel trinket stand!

Crystal Mining

Dig your own crystals from the plaster block using the special tools provided, kit comes complete with fun facts and instructions.


Glow in the Dark Fairy Buttons

Create fabulous Glow in the Dark Fairy Buttons, to make badges or pretty hair accessories.


Illusion Science

Amazing Illusion Activity Kit with lots of fun experiments!


Micro Rocket

Simple and effective rocket experiment using household ingredients to create a chemical reaction! Great fun!

Mould and Paint Glitter Princess

Make & Paint pretty princess fridge magnets or badges


Mould And Paint Trucks

Everything you need to create 6 construction vehicles and turn them into fridge magnets or badges. Keep on Trucking!

Origami Lights

Create your own beautiful string of working lights with this imaginitive origami set.

Science Magic

You don’t have to be Einstein to astound your friends and family with this exciting magic and science kit in one!


Spiral Pattern Art

Classic device to create fascinating simple or intricate patterns for decorative use anywhere!

Spy Science Secret Message

Shh, can you keep a secret? Exciting Spy Science Secret Message Kit with ideas and equipment to communicate and decipher secret messages!