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4M specialises in games and toy sets that are designed to challenge, entertain and develop children’s skills.

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Mould & Paint Space

Create 6 out of this world plaster fridge magnets and badges and paint them with glow in the dark paint!


Mould and Paint Unicorns

Create 6 pretty plaster unicorn fridge magnets and badges and paint them.


Mould and Paint Glow Owls

Create 6 pretty plaster owl fridge magnets and badges and paint them. When finished they will glow in the dark!


Amazing Art Spinner

Amazing Art Spinner - create unique patterns with this hand powered spin art machine!

£27.00 £30.00

Spy Science Secret Message

Shh, can you keep a secret? Exciting Spy Science Secret Message Kit with ideas and equipment to communicate and decipher secret messages!

£12.99 £14.99

Intruder Alarm Kit

Great kit to build your own door alarm to deter intruders!


Bubble Science

Appreciate and explore the simple beauty and art of bubble while having fun with this amazing set!  Play lots of bubble tricks - blow a giant bubble, an unbreakable bubble, a bubble film and more!


Maths Magic

Astound your friends and family with your math knowledge, using this inventive math magic set to perform tricks, puzzle and games!


Table Top Robot

Assemble an amazing robotic crab which detects the edge of any platform or table and makes a quick turn to avoid the edge!


Tin Can Cable Car

Award winning mechanical science project that recycles an empty fizzy drink tin can into an amazing cable car!


Make A Robotic Hand

Creative kit to make a moveable robotic hand.


Magnetic Racer

Push or pull the Magnetic Racer with the Mini Mighty Magnet.  It works through table tops too!


Solar System Planetarium

Build an out of this world model planetarium, paint it and add glow effects too!


Anti-Gravity Maglev

Awesome science set bursting with loads of components to complete seven amazing, gravity defying projects! With the Anti Gravitation Magnetic Levitation set you can make a pencil float in mid-air and so much more!



Can a plant grow through a maze, sounds impossible but just watch it go!  Construct the container, plant it up and watch it grow!


Salt Powered Robot

Build a robot mini vehicle and power it with salt water – it’s amazing!


Aqua Robot

Assemble your Aqua Robot from the kit provided and watch it swim along when the sunlight shines on its solar cells, or be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.


Salt-Powered Truck

Build the truck and prepare the battery,  add some salty water and watch it go!


Lemon Clock

Make a clock from a lemon – a brilliant way to learn about batteries!


Hover Racer

Build your own fantastic Hover Racer and watch it skim across the floor supported on its cushion of air.  


Mega Hydraulic Arm

A brilliant science set to build and discover the power and science behind hydraulics.


Rover Robot

Assemble your Rover Robot from the kit provided and watch it roll along when the sunlight shines on its solar cells, or be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.


Tyrannosaurus Rex Excavation Kit

Excavate dinosaur bones and assemble to form a scary Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.  Great enjoyment for budding palaeontologists with a fact filled information sheet included.


Kitchen Science

Discover the fun and excitement of science in your everyday life!  Conduct over 30 interesting experiments to learn some scientific principles.


Magnetic Tile Art

Create and paint mini tiles to turn them into masterpieces, attach the rubber magnets and they become 4.5 x 4.5 cm fridge magnets too!


Kaleidoscope Making Kit

Make and decorate your very own mesmerising kaleidoscope that creates dazzling patterns.


Friendship Bracelets

A brilliant crafting kit to make friendship bracelets in beautiful colours and patterns.


Magnet Science

Perform 10 fun experiments and games with this engrossing magnetic science set.


Crystal Growing Dinosaur Terrarium

Grow four stunning crystals from chemical components with this fascinating project and make an awesome dinosaur terrarium.  The 4 different sized and coloured crystals grow in just 7 days and are then used to create a terrarium habitat for 3 dinosaur figures.  All chemical compounds, equipment, figures and terrarium included.


Dino World Paint and Play

A must for any dinosaur fan!  Paint the dinosaurs and volcano then use them to play an adventure board game.  Set includes 6 dinosaur figure and volcano with paints and a brush, with dice, game sheet and instruction.


Mould & Paint 3D Glitter Unicorns

A set to make 2 glittering magical 3D unicorns. With moulds, plaster powder, carving tool, paints, brushes, glitter powder and instructions. A delightful quiet activity with a magical result.


Fairy Light Bulb

Create a fairy lightbulb, using the art materials included in this craft set.  Use the soft art papers, stickers, glitter, glue and much more to create a magical fairyland.  Place the little string of alternating colour lights inside the bulb and use as a decoration or bedside light.


Drummer Robot

Assemble a super cool drumming robot and code it to programme the beat.  Place on different surfaces to achieve different sounds!


Logiblocs - Smart Circuits

A brilliant concept and fascinating STEM kit.  Inside each bloc is a printed circuit board and each block is colour coded for the function it performs.  Plug the blocs together in different sequences to create 10 different projects, including a Rain Detector and a Chocolate Guard.  Mix and match with other sets to build more complex projects.  


Lantern Painting Kit

Turn this delicate paper lantern into a stunning room decoration.  Let your imagination run riot and paint in your own style to make a decorative item.  Includes paper lantern, paint strip & brush.


Potato Clock

Make a Potato Clock with this intriging scientific project kit to learn the principles of electricity and power.


Glow in Dark Dinosaur

Create 6 awesome dinosaurs and mould n paint them into ferocious glow in the dark fridge magnets or badges!


Mould & Paint Flamingo

Mould and paint adorable flamingo plaster fridge magnets and badges then paint in tropical colours!


Mould and Paint A Glitter Fairy

Make & Paint pretty fairy fridge magnets or badges.


Mould and Paint Glitter Princess

Make & Paint pretty princess fridge magnets or badges


Mould and Paint Sealife

Create 6 under water plaster fridge magnets and badges and paint them.


Mould & Paint Zoo

Mould and paint friendly looking zoo animals in plaster to make fridge magnets and badges, then paint them.


Paint Own Russian Doll Trinket Boxes

Design and paint 6 pretty Russian doll style Trinket Boxes


Make Your Own Dream Catcher

Make a beautiful two hoop dream catcher, using your creative skills and materials in this clever craft set. Hang the finished dream catcher in your bedroom to catch bad dreams.


Origami Lights

Create your own beautiful string of working lights with this imaginitive origami set.


Volcano Kit

Volcano Kit - great fun to make, decorate and watch it "erupt"!


Weather Station

Create this multi-function weather station from this inspirational kit and never need the forecast again!


Buzz Wire Kit

Build an electrical circuit buzzwire and test your steady hand skills.



A Wide Variety of 4M Toys From Mulberry Bush

4M specialises in games and toy sets that are designed to challenge, entertain, and develop children’s skills. The 4M brand carries a wide range of educational toys designed to develop children’s creativity and learning. Made to be imaginative, engaging, and captivating 4M toys are perfect for curious children who love to learn. From science to robotics and painting to moulding, you are sure to find a toy your child will adore. Here at Mulberry Bush, we understand how important it is to make sure your child is continuously learning and developing. As a result, we only stock high-quality products that will encourage and grow your child’s innate curiosity. Our popular range of 4M toys is suitable for young children of all ages, with prices starting at only a few pounds.

4M Toys - Great Gifts From A Trusted Brand

4M has a fantastic reputation in the toy industry, so you know if you buy from them, you’ll be delivered an excellent quality game or toy that provides value for money and offers so much fun for your child. 4M games are ideal as gifts for any occasion and are sure to bring a smile to the recipients face. So if you are looking for a birthday present, something for Christmas, or a gift for any other event, why not browse our range of 4M toys and kits today.

Classic educational 4M Toys at Mulberry Bush

4M toys are ideal if you are searching for a gift that delivers on entertainment as well as education and will hopefully spark your child’s imagination and love of learning too. These kits can help them learn how to craft and create something, how to experiment, and will encourage skills such as patience, dexterity, creativity, and more.

Our most popular kid’s art kits include:

Why Choose Mulberry Bush For 4M Toys For Children?

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the very best of each brand we stock. We are sure you will be delighted with the variety of excellent 4M games on offer. If you need a hand deciding which kit or set might be best suited to your child, contact our friendly, expert team who will be able to advise you.