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Our wooden dolls houses, doll house miniatures and dollshouse dolls are perfect gifts for little girls and boys who love to use their imaginations.

Wooden Dolls Houses

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Cherry Tree Hall

A grand four storey wooden dolls house from Le Toy Van . Every little girl's dream!

£188.00 £195.00

Rose Cottage Dolls House Set

Delightful, classic cream and pink wooden dolls’ house complete with furniture and a family of dolls.


Bay Tree House

Magnificent, stunningly pretty pink wooden dolls’ house from Le Toy Van will delight and dazzle any little girl!


Mayberry Manor (H118)

The Mayberry Manor, fully painted, deluxe wooden doll's house is sure to delight with its range of detailed features. Large bay windows, room dividers, a loft ladder, opening sash windows and a reversible roof panel to form a garden path! 

£134.00 £139.00

Lavender Dolls House (H108)

Lavender House is a gorgeous three storey wooden doll's house, from Le Toy Van. Fully painted inside and out with removable roof, opening shutters, windows and doors, finshed in a pretty shade of lavender.


Sophie's House (Le Toy Van H104)

A beautifully detailed, three storey, traditional wooden doll's house - Sophie's House (Le Toy Van H104).


Sunflower Cottage

A beautiful pale yellow and blue painted wooden dolls’ house with 6 rooms, opening windows, removable roof and fully opening front for easy access. Fully furnished with 25 pieces of wooden furniture, a family of 6 wooden dolls and two pets.


My First Dream House Set

Beautiful painted wooden dolls’ house with a 37 piece starter set of furniture.  Incredible value wooden dolls house.


Blue Bird Cottage (with furniture)

Blue Bird Cottage - painted wooden dolls house with detailed features and furniture set included.


Fold & Go Dolls House

Sturdy painted wooden dolls’ house that opens fully for play and closes for storage, with a strong carry handle. Set includes 11 pieces of wooden furniture and two wooden dolls with fabric clothes.

Doorbell House

Ding-Dong! A charming wooden cottage, with 4 numbered doors on each side, all with different sounding doorbells and unique locks and keys - plus a family of 4 wooden dolls.

Bay Tree House Bundle

SPECIAL OFFER - Magnificent pretty pink BAY TREE DOLLS HOUSE and FOUR DAISY LANE FURNITURE SETS at a special bundle price, saving £20 on the combined price!


Cherry Tree Hall Bundle

A grand four storey dolls house from Le Toy Van together with matching furniture sets for six rooms, what a bargain bundle! See full description for full details. The Cherry Tree Hall really is every little girl's dream! Package includes 2 FREE furniture sets when compared to the total RRP.



Lavender House Bundle

Lavender House Bundle Offer containing the dolls house and four furniture sets


Mayberry Manor Bundle

Mayberry Manor Bundle Offer containing the dolls house and four furniture sets


Sophie's House Bundle

A beautiful, traditional wooden dolls' house and four sets of superb quality painted wooden furniture with great details saving £20.00 if purchased together.


Space Centre & Rocket Ship

A magnificent 20 piece, 4 storey wooden rocket ship with working elevator, winch, moving knobs and buttons, with a spaceman, alien and accessories.


Wooden Hospital

Three storey, 30 piece, wooden hospital set with everything you need to nurse the patients back to health.

Out of stock

Doll Family

Family of four wooden dolls and their dog are the perfect addition to any doll's house.


Dolls House Starter Furniture Set

Brilliant value wooden furniture starter set to scale of children's dolls' houses.


Nursery Furniture Set with Baby

Lovely wooden dolls house nursery furniture set with sweet baby, from Le Toy Van .


Daisylane Kitchen (ME059)

Superb quality Daisylane Kitchen wooden dolls house furniture set with beautifully detailed finish and accessories.


Daisylane Sitting Room (ME058)

Superb quality Daisylane Sitting Room wooden dolls house furniture set with beautifully detailed finish and accessories.


Daisylane Drawing Room (ME056)

Superb quality Daisylane Drawing Room wooden dolls house furniture set with beautifully detailed finish and accessories.


Daisylane Bathroom (ME060)

Superb quality Daisylane Bathroom wooden dolls house furniture set with beautifully detailed finish and accessories.


Daisylane Children's Bedroom (ME061)

Superb quality Daisylane Children's Bedroom wooden dolls house furniture set with beautifully detailed finish and accessories.


Daisylane Master Bedroom (ME057)

Superb quality Daisylane Master Bedroom wooden dolls house furniture set with beautifully detailed finish and accessories.


Dolls Outdoor Playset (Le Toy Van ME076)

Dolls' Outdoor wooden Playset, from Le Toy Van,is the perfect accessory for doll's houses but also great fun to play with on its' own.


Pet Set

Wooden dog and cat set complete with lots of accessories, from Le Toy Van. To scale of dolls’ houses or a super for standalone play.

Bunny & Guinea Pig Set

Wooden bunny and guinea pig set with hutch and accessories.


Sophies Car

Pretty pink wooden car to scale of our Dolls Houses.


Budkin Mermaid

A sweet Budkin mermaid, wooden toy doll with shimmering fabric tail.


Budkin - Princess Francesca

Princess Francesa is a beautiful wooden Budkins doll from Le Toy Van.


Budkin - Princess

Budkins Princess Doll

Budkin - Prince

Budkins Prince Doll

Budkin - King

Budkins King Doll

Budkin - Knight Sir Ingot

Le Toy Van Budkin in knight's armour
Out of stock

Budkin - Fairy Fleur

Budkin Fleur (Le Toy Van BK762) is is a delightful fairy with gorgeous purple wings.

Budkin - Isabella

Budkin Isabella is a poseable wooden doll with a pretty floral dress and red jacket.(Le Toy Van BK995)
£6.99 £7.99

Budkin - Fairy Queen

A gorgeous Budkins Fairy queen (Le Toy Van BK763), poseable wooden doll with flowing fairy robes for exciting fairy adventures.

Budkin - Ballerina

Beautiful Budkins Ballerina (Le Toy Van BK708) is a poseable wooden doll in pink tutu ready to dance!

Budkin - Alice

Budkins Alice (Le Toy Van BK992). Alice is a poseable wooden doll with instantly recognisable clothing!

£6.50 £7.99
Out of stock

Fairybelle Palace

A beautifully painted, wooden fairy palace with exquisite floral decoration, enchanting details, furniture and accessories.


Fairy Carriage & Unicorn

Fairies love riding in this beautifully detailed wooden carriage with unicorn.

Out of stock

Wooden Dolls Houses

Traditional wooden dolls houses have been celebrated toys since as early as the 16th century. Not only are they charming and nostalgic but will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. In addition to our fantastic range of traditional wooden toys for children, we offer a huge range of beautiful dolls houses, dollhouse furniture and miniatures and even more unique dollhouse accessories such as patio furniture and pets!

Timeless Big Dolls House & Family Sets for Your Family

We’re a British brand with a family-centric approach. We stock toys and gifts that hark back to our own childhoods, and what our younger family members would love to receive now. Since 1996, we have dispatched more than a million toys and games to families across the UK and we love to receive stories and images from happy customers!

Some of our popular Wooden Dolls Houses include:

Why choose a Dolls House from Mulberry Bush?

Customers can expect high quality and durability with every Mulberry Bush dolls house purchase. We have carefully selected products that will stand the test of time, turning a spontaneous buy or gift into a treasured keepsake for generations to enjoy. Read our customer reviews to find out what others say about our products and services. If you enjoy browsing our wooden dolls houses collection, discover our lively pretend play range.