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Children love flying toys, and our range won’t disappoint. From helicopter toys to flying monkeys - you are sure to find the perfect gift for that special little someone.

Flying Toys

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Stomp Rocket

 Have fun outside with a Stomp Rocket - stamp on the pump and stand back in amazement!


Flying Bee

This funky little flying bee is controlled by your hand!  Charge it up with the USB charging cable provided.


UFO Colour Changing Flyer

An incredible hovering, colour changing, indoor UFO.  The UFO illuminates with bright flashing LEDs, creating awesome light effects, perfect for day or night flight. 


Flying Monkey

Innovative caped and masked monkey can fly an amazing long distance and makes a screeching howling noise as he lands!


Sky Diver

Skydiver with parachute for flying fun!


Helicopter Balloon

Watch the balloon helicopter fly and make a whistling sound as it whirls around!


18 Paper Planes

Make and fly 18 stunning paper planes.


Pocket Kite

Foldaway, lightweight pocket kite. No sticks, no assembly but great flyer with 35 metre line.


Brookite Classic Bow Tail Kite

A classic Kite in bright primary colours with a multicoloured tail to dance on the breeze. 50m line with handle and fibreglass frame simply assembles into the traditional kite shape.


Build Your Own Plane Launcher Kit

Build your own cardboard plane launcher using a slot together technique and launch incredible paper planes with this awesome sustainable kit!


Rubber Band Gun

Solid wood rubber band gun with rubber bands!

Explore our range of exciting flying toys for kids. We have kites for children, remote controlled flying helicopter toys, model aeroplanes, rockets, balloons and lots of toys to fly, launch and whizz! Our flying toys are sure to provide children with hours of entertainment and fun!