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Our bright, fun children’s skipping ropes are perfect for encouraging your children to learn how to skip!


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French Skipping

Enjoy the much loved traditional game of French Skipping with this quality elastic. Full instructions on packaging (or just ask Grandma!)

Skipping Rope - Fairy Princess

Wooden handled skipping ropes in bright hand-painted design.


Skipping Rope - Pink Flower

Superb Skipping Rope with Pink Flower designs on the handles.

Skipping Ropes - Ballerina

Wooden handled skipping rope in a pink ballerina style.

Skipping Ropes - Pink Pony

Have children skipping for joy with a pretty Pink Pony Skipping Rope

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Skipping is great exercise and can be lots of fun too. We offer a variety of kids skipping ropes for both boys and girls. With brightly painted wooden handles in a range of styles, our high-quality children’s skipping ropes are great for children who love to skip!