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For creative children our arts and crafts sets are sure to make the perfect present. We offer easy crafts for younger kids to more detailed and advanced crafts activities for older children.


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Unicorn Garden

Create a delightful fairy garden, to attract fairies and unicorns. A creative, fun and enchanting way to encourage the local fairies and unicorns into your garden!


Hama Beads - Little Princess

Enjoyable craft activity to create princesses and their animal friends!


Hama Beads - Animal Faces

Much loved Hama bead set with everything you need to create animal faces!


Dozy Dogs

Dozy Dogs. A sweet set of 3 little puppies to colour in, with everything you need to make their beds and eye masks, ready to sleep.


Girl on the Go Cosmetic Compact

Girl on the Go Cosmetic Compact with pretty eye shados, blushers, lip gloss and jewel tattoos.


Bedazzled Charm Bracelets

Bedazzled Charm Bracelets set with everything you need to create 3 bracelets with matching tattoos.


Mega Mermaid Makeover

Mega Mermaid Makeover set of make-up products, hair chalks, applicators, nail polish and much more, all with a mermaid theme!


80 Under the Sea Stickers

80 Fun Stickers featuring mermaids and colourful fish.


Pirate Ship in a Tin

“Ahoy me hearties, make yer ship, grab yer eye patch and map because we’re off to search for buried treasure”!  Build and paint your own wooden pirate ship!


Tractor in a Tin

Are you up to the challenge of bolting together the metal parts and wheels to make this awesome tractor?  A great way for children to improve their building skills.


Make Your Own Mermaid

A delightful craft project with sewing and beadwork to make a unique, shimmering mermaid.


Make Your Own Ragdoll

A wonderful kit containing everything needed to assemble and dress a pretty ragdoll.


Stamp-a-scene Farm

Stamp-a-scene Farm


Named Rubber Stamp - Horse NEW

Exclusive to Mulberry Bush!  Personalised rubber stamp with horse image to name your belongings and ensure their safe return.

Allow 14 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.


Named Rubber Stamp - Dog NEW

Exclusive to Mulberry Bush!  Personalised rubber stamp with cute dog image to name your belongings and ensure their safe return.


Named Rubber Stamp - Heart

Exclusive to Mulberry Bush!  Personalised rubber stamp with heart image to name your belongings and ensure their safe return.


Named Rubber Stamp - Bike

Exclusive to Mulberry Bush!  Personalised rubber stamp with bike image to name your belongings and ensure their safe return.


Easy Spin Pottery Wheel

Hands-free, easy to use pottery wheel with shaping tools, water spray, paint, brush, glue and decorative trimmings, all set into a work console with foot pedal.  A fantastic set for the first-time potter with storage to keep everything easily to hand.  Includes soft air-drying clay.


Quilling Creations

Learn the traditional art of quilling paper to create beautiful paper mosaics and turn them into stunning and colourful decorations.


Lite @ Nite String Art

Create a beautiful butterfly string-art picture on a wooden base, stencil the surround and add fairy lights to make a beautiful decoration for any room.


Glitza Art Best Friends

Create 80 delicate glittery designs on your skin, books and accessories using this original Glitza Art set.  Apply the sticky design sticker to skin or chosen surface and peel off the coating, leaving behind a sticky surface, brush your chosen glitter onto the design, mixing the colours for special effects!  Includes 3 pots of glitter and brush.


Magic Dust Mixing Set

The sweetest fairy mixing set with 6 tiny phials of fairy dust and recipe book of ideas.


Make You Own Sloth

Make your very own super dough sloth to hang out with using this brilliant dough modelling set.


Foam Fighter Planes x6

Six Foam Fighter Planes - with slot together parts for you to make and fly.


Best Friends Style Lab

Best Friends Style Lab is the ultimate make over set for nail art, hair lights and glitter tattoos.


Amazing Art Spinner

Amazing Art Spinner - create unique patterns with this hand powered spin art machine!


Slippery Slime

A Horrible Science set that will appeal to slime lovers!  With two ready made slimes, one to make and a book of foul facts!


Mio the Robot

A brilliant activity with STEM integrated applications to build an interactive robot, equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that follows your instructions and avoids obstacles!


Cozy Cats

Cozy Cats. A set of 3 cute kitties to colour in, with everything you need to make their beds and eye masks, ready to sleep.


Wooden Art Set (131 piece)

131 piece Art set in a wooden case.



Glitter Mermaids

Create bewitchingly beautiful mermaids with this detailed, glitter by numbers craft set.


Build the Human Body (Book & Model)

Unique interactive guide to the human body, learn fascinating facts about how the body works and build a slot-together 76 cm skeleton too.  A must for the inquisitive child.


Tie Dye Kit

Make your own tie die fashions using this funky tie die kit!  Contains 4 vibrant cold-water dyes.


Glitter Treasure Box & Mirror

Transform a pretty treasure box and mirror to a beautiful bedroom set using the pretty mess-free glittery stickers in this enjoyable art set.


Stamp-a-scene Rain Forest

Create beautiful pictures with the 20 wooden stampers and colour them in with the 5 pencils!  Huge variety of animals, bugs and scenery, supplied with 2 colour stamp pad with washable ink.


Paint Your Own Fairy Door

Paint and decorate your very own fairy door and welcome a magical world of fairies into your home.


Stained Glass Mermaid

Create a pretty masterpiece that looks like leaded glass by pressing the textured stickers into the mermaid in a circular frame.


Christmas Sticker Set

Festive set of christmas themed stickers.


80 Pirate Stickers

Brilliant set of pirate themed stickers.


Bath Bombs

Everything you need to make your own bath bombs for you or as gifts!  Set contains everything you need to make 8 fantastically fizzy bath bombs.


Junior Jeweller Starter Set

Learn to make stunning jewellery with this inspirational set! 


Dough Play Set

With four tubs of coloured dough and 15 tools you have everything needed for hours of enjoyment squeezing, shaping and cutting. 


Pressed Flower Fairy

Collect flowers and leaves from your garden and press them using the simple flower press.  Use the pressed flowers to design beautiful dresses for 6 fairies and turn them into stunning decorations.


Make Your Own Dream Catcher

Make a beautiful two hoop dream catcher, using your creative skills and materials in this clever craft set. Hang the finished dream catcher in your bedroom to catch bad dreams.


Mould & Paint Flamingo

Mould and paint adorable flamingo plaster fridge magnets and badges then paint in tropical colours!


Art Adventure Set (120 piece)

Fantastic 120 piece Art Set.


Tree House Engineering & Design

Children will love building this brilliant tree-house set over and over again developing critical thinking and problem solving skills with this fantastic STEM engineering set.


Mr Grasshead

After a good soaking, sit Mr Grasshead in his pot and feed with water and he will grow a wonderful head of grassy hair you can even trim with scissors!


Boys and girls love to create something to be proud of, and we can help them achieve impressive results with our fantastic collection of craft kits. Children of all ages love our Craft Kits, which are full of craft activities for kids and provide hours of fun! We really do have something for everybody, from sticker and stamping sets to gluing and sticking, knitting, sewing and embroidery, jewellery making and even origami!  Who knows? It might be the start of a lifelong hobby!