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Our Noah’s ark is perfect for toddlers, our triangular activity centre is great for younger children, and our happy faces hammering bench is lots of fun!

Activity Centres

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Activity Play Cube

Stimulating wooden activity cube for hours of enjoyment!  Each side and the top have different activities, gears, shape sorter, bead frame and more!  Beautifully made with illustrations of nature.

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Triangular Activity Centre

Triangular Activity Centre. Wooden learning toy with 5 sides of different activities to stimulate and entertain little ones.

Activity Walker

Timeless wooden baby walker and stimulating activity centre with so much to entertain little ones.


Mini Activity Cube

A wooden activity cube with different activities on each side, including bead maze, moving cogs and shape sorter.

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Lion Bead Frame

Cute lion bead frame with wooden lion and base in rainbow stripes


Gears Patterns Board

Complete the wooden set of gears in different ways to create movement and patterns using the frame and cards provided.


Happy Faces Hammering Bench

Peek-a-boo! Hammer one colourful peg down and another smiley face pops up over and over again for endless fun!

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Peg Puzzle 10 pieces

Wooden shape sorter stacker with a difference!  The pieces need to be manipulated over smaller pegs to fit on the correct peg post! 


Toddler's Noah's Ark

Traditional wooden Noah's Ark with 5 pairs of animals. Superb quality and rigorously tested for use by children aged over 12 months.

Activity centres provide babies and toddlers with plenty of stimulation be it sliding, twisting, pushing or hammering. They are great for developing different learning skills, and will keep your child thoroughly entertained too! Wooden activity cubes and activity tables for babies are fantastic gifts to give a newborn young child, and are ones they won’t tire of for a long time. Our brightly coloured wooden baby activity centres are lots of fun, great quality and will provide hours of fun and interest for your child.