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We are pleased to offer a huge selection of theatre & puppet toys for children, including Kids Hand Puppets, Finger Puppet Sets, Marionettes and Make Your Own Puppets too!

Puppets for Kids

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Magnetic Storytime Theatre

Create your stage using a set of scenery and then perform one of 3 classic fairy tales.


Gingerbread Man Hand & Finger Puppet Set

A Gingerbread Man hand puppet with four cute finger puppets.


Red Riding Hood Hand & Finger Puppet Set

Red Riding Hood hand puppet with 3 finger puppets.


Snow White & Seven Dwarves Puppet Set

Snow White hand puppet with 7 dwarf finger puppets.


Large Chimpanzee Puppet

Giant Chimpanzee Puppet with silky fur and working mouth!


Giant Orangutan Puppet

Giant orangutan puppet cleverly designed to hug and drape around you.


Parrot Puppet

Large striking macaw soft hand-puppet in bright, vivid colours with a moveable beak that squawks.


Bunny in Lettuce

Peek-a-boo! Soft furry hideaway bunny hand puppet is hiding in a lettuce with 3 mini beast friends! A fun rabbit soft toy for you to play with your baby.


Puppets for Kids

Our range of Puppet Theatre Toys invite children to use their imagination and creativity through play, choosing their own story and bringing it to life in their very own bedrooms. All of our toys are designed with your child in mind. We know the importance of keeping your child stimulated through play, therefore we have carefully handpicked toys that we know your child will cherish and play with for years to come. Let your child take centre stage when the operatic curtains open up!

Imaginative Storytelling with our Puppets for Kids

With a range of award winning toys, our Puppet Theatre Toys for Children, are not just adorable and funny but open up another world of creativity and role playing for your child to dive into and give the characters in their head a voice. A magical experience, our Puppet Theatre Toys captures the essence of a real toy and allows kids to be creative, stay entertained and have fun all at the same time! Not only this, they are educational, inviting children to build relationships, improving kinetic movements, establish expressions and build storytelling.  

Some of our popular Puppets for Kids include:

Why choose Mulberry Bush for Wooden Puppet Theatre Toys?

Puppets have been used in play for centuries yet they are still being used today. Our fantastic range of puppets for kids stands out to invite children to get creative and let their imaginations run wild. Whether they want to set up their own mini theatre, or simply play with the adorable and fun animal puppets, hand puppets or marionettes we are sure you’ll find what you are looking for here. We believe that there is a right puppet for every child.