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Bath time doesn’t have to be boring with our fun range of bath squirter toys for kids!

Bath Squirters

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Light Up Bath Dragon

A cheerful, bright green dragon to play with in the bath.


Surfing in the Tub

Surfing in the Tub - a surfing, squirting monkey for bath time fun!

Mermaids in the Tub

Two cute mermaid squirters with a soft foam floating castle playset for bath time fun.


Dirty Dog Squirters

Put these 3 soft, squishy dog squirters in warm water and watch the magic ink"dirt" spots disappear and reappear as they cool down!

Bath Squirters - Ocean

Cheerful, soft ocean creature shaped bath squirters.

Flower Shower

Bright yellow smiley faced flower that showers water pumped up from the bath.


Sea Bath Buddies

A set of 5 ocean loving bath squirters to swim, squeeze, squirt and float in the bath!

We offer a selection of bath squirters & water squirters for children to have fun with in the bath - and get their brothers & sisters (or parents!) very wet! The range includes farm or dinosaur water squirters and bath books that also squirt water, making bath time fun for all the family!