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for more confident walkers a pull along toy can help them get used to their new found freedom! We offer charming pull along toys which we are sure your child will love.

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Duck Push & Roll

A two in one wooden toy duck that can be used as a roll along or add the stick and it’s a toddler push-along!


Steam Train Pull Along

Handcrafted, painted wooden pull-along toy in the shape of a traditional steam train.


Pull Along Giraffe

Majestic painted wooden giraffe pull along toy with a neck that moves as it’s wheeled along!


Pull Along Helicopter

Ready for take-off!  Pull this bright red wooden helicopter along and the rotor blades whizz round!


Flopsy Personalised Pull Along Toy

Active little ones will love the Flopsy Bunny Pull-along toy, her body is the most exquisitely soft plush, and the axles and wheels are wooden.  Flopsy Bunny is personalised with your child's name (up to 9 characters)

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Wooden Pull Along Dragon

A very handsome, fire breathing wooden dragon pull-along in a rainbow of colours.


Pull Along Pony

Cute wooden pull-along pony with painted features, cord to pull, woollen mane and tale with tactile clicky ears.

£13.99 £15.99

Animal Puzzle Train

There’s so much to do with this gorgeous pull along train – it’s sure to be a toybox favourite!  Wooden engine with 3 interlocking carriages, each with a set of shapes painted in strikingly vivid colours and patterns to stack together to make 6 animal passengers to pull along.


Lion Pull Along

Cheerful looking wooden lion pull along for toddlers.


Cow Pull Along

Friendly little wooden cow pull along for toddlers.


Classic Dachshund Pull-Along

A retro pull along dachshund with a springy tail that wags as he rolls along.


Dancing Alligator

A bright green wooden alligator, cleverly designed to pull along when his head and tail will move up and down!


Pull Along Duck

Delightful wooden duck pull along toy, who moves her head from side to side as she waddles along!


Pig Pull Along

Cute pink painted wooden pull along for toddlers.


Parrot Push & Roll

A two in one wooden toy parrot that can be used as a roll along or add the stick and it’s a toddler push-along!

£12.99 £16.99

Peter Rabbit Pull Along

Painted wooden Peter Rabbit pull-along toy. 


Jemima Pull Along

Painted wooden Jemima Puddleduck pull-along toy.


Crazy Rocky Dog Pull-Along

Crazy Rocky Dog Pull-Along bends and wiggles as he's pulled along.


Pull-Along Crocodile

Bright green painted wooden crocodile to pull along.

£14.99 £16.99

Caterpillar Pull-Along

A colourful, wooden jointed caterpillar with a mesmerising movement as you pull it along!

£13.99 £14.99
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Wooden Susie Sheep

Baaa! Sweet Susie Sheep is a delightful wooden pull along toy

Pullalong toys can be really helpful when it comes to helping your child learn to walk, as they will help them to balance, and to grow in confidence when they have just found their feet. Choose from Crazy Rocky Dog who is a great companion or the soft and cuddly pull along pony who we are sure will become your child’s new best friend in no time!