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Buccaneer Island Building Set

Build a tropical island to store the pirates treasure and protect it with a fierce female pirate!  Set includes hinged jaw shark, cannon and treasure chest with treasure.  

£3.99 £4.99

Pirate Ship Building Set

Build a menacing black pirate ship, ready for adventures on the high seas, terrorising all who see her with this bumper set of 400 bricks, 3 pirate figures and a cheeky monkey!

£25.00 £30.00

Castaway Pirates Building Set

Every castaway needs a raft!  Build one with crow’s nest lookout and slingshot weapon with this great value 60 brick kit that also includes a pirate figure and his trusty monkey.

£3.99 £4.99

Crossbow & Target Set

Accurate crossbow and target set especially designed for children, for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with target.
£19.99 £22.00
Out of stock

Sound Effects - Classic

A collection of sound effects for everyday life.

£8.99 £9.99

Art Compendium (White) - SECONDS

This item has damaged packaging. Contents are intact.

£9.99 £19.99

Garden Wheelbarrow Set

A beautifully designed wooden gardening set to inspire imaginative role play even on a rainy day!  Superbly crafted wooden wheelbarrow with a selection of seed packets, tools and plants to grow, including Velcro tomatoes, and a friendly snail.

£53.10 £59.00

Dovetail Kidsroom Set

Dovetail Kidsroom Set

£28.80 £32.00

The Friend Ship

All aboard our Friend Ship!  A pull along, wheeled wooden boat set with a boy, girl and a selection of animals.  Quality painted wooden ply construction and recognisable animals for hours of enjoyment.

£31.50 £35.00

Little Bear's Picnic

A cute bear’s face shaped picnic bag with lots of painted wooden picnic food goodies and a gingham fabric picnic rug, to enjoy with friends.

£27.00 £30.00

Ouch Puzzle

A fascinating wooden puzzle that covers the basic ailments a child might experience.  Lift out puzzle pieces with related images underneath.

£14.39 £15.99

Magnetic Wooden Numbers - SECONDS

This item has damaged packaging. Contents are intact.

£7.49 £14.99

Dovetail Kitchen Set

Beautifully detailed painted wooden dolls house kitchen furniture and accessories, scaled for a standard 1/12th dolls house.

£28.80 £32.00

Dovetail Sitting Room

A beautiful set of painted wooden sitting room furniture with amazingly detailed accessories scaled for a standard 1/12th dolls house.

£28.80 £32.00

Dovetail Bathroom Set

A gorgeous set of painted wooden dolls house bathroom fixtures and furniture with detailed accessories.

£28.80 £32.00

Dovetail Nursery Set

A delightful wooden nursery set with baby, pram, cot, highchair and accessories.

£15.75 £17.50

Dovetail Bedroom Set

A beautifully detailed set of painted wooden master bedroom furniture, scaled to fit a traditional 1/12th dolls house.

£28.80 £32.00

Pirate Fortress Building Set

Brilliant set to build a fortress, with scenery, weapons and swashbuckling essentials! An amazing 330 piece set of building blocks with 3 figures and a shark with hinged jaw. 

£12.50 £25.00

Science Lab - SECONDS

This item has damaged packaging. Contents are intact.

£6.50 £12.99

Buzz Wire Making Kit - SECONDS

This item has damaged packaging. Contents are intact.

£5.99 £11.99

Work Bench & Toolbox

Sturdy painted wooden workbench with removeable toolbox and drill with lots of tools, pre-cut wood, nuts and bolts for enthusiastic carpenters.  19 pieces including a handsaw, circular saw, vice storage rack, shelf and much more.

£89.10 £99.00

Rocket Construction

Rocket Construction set with 18 colourful wooden pieces to mix and match and create 3 rockets.

£17.99 £19.99

Touchy Feely Animals

A simple but charming puzzle with painted animal shapes that fit into the puzzle base, each piece having a different texture to enjoy discovering.

£13.49 £14.99

Foxtail Villa

A spacious 3-storey wooden dolls house, constructed in top quality birch plywood (and furniture made from sustainable rubberwood) – a toy made to last – in natural wood and subtle colour palette.  The hinged front panel opens to reveal 2 storeys and lift off the roof panel to play in the attic bedroom, the windows open too.  Supplied with lots of modern furniture – and well designed features, including window boxes with colourful flowers and a cheeky fox that lives in the garden.

£157.50 £175.00

Peacock Colours

A beautiful wooden peacock with five tail "feathers", each with a coloured acrylic window and a great introduction to colour mixing.

£14.39 £15.99

Balancing Polar Circle

The Balancing Polar Circle is a multi-use painted wooden toy.  Stack and balance the polar inhabitants to make the base level and not topple over.

£17.99 £19.99

Cottontail Cottage

A beautiful wooden dolls house in quality birch plywood with natural wood and subtle coloured details, complete with all the furniture and accessories set in a retro style.  The charming design includes external window shutters, cut-out windows and the front panel opens fully to reveal the interior and an attic bedroom.  Simple assembly required; dolls not included but available separately.

£103.50 £115.00

Robot Construction

Robot Construction set with 17 colourful wooden pieces to mix and match to create 3 different robots.

£19.80 £22.00

Penguin's Gelato Van

Quality wooden penguin themed ice-cream van with removeable sliding roof, penguin and iced accessories for imaginative play.

£19.80 £22.00
Out of stock

Decoupage-a-bead Jewellery

Decorate wooden beads with decoupage papers and create four beautiful pieces of jewellery.

£7.99 £9.99

Floating Charm Locket

Create a stunning locket and matching bracelets with this inspirational kit.

£7.99 £9.99

Dovetail House

An impressive, double fronted, 3-storey wooden dolls house, in a traditional style, ready to move your doll family and furniture into. Constructed in top quality birch plywood with a tasteful palette of pale grey, cream and teal with natural wood.  The hinged front panels open to reveal two floors, each separated into two rooms with a staircase on each floor.  Remove the front roof panel to expose the two attic rooms. 

£161.10 £179.00

Doll Family

Sweet, painted wooden family of four dolls with flexible limbs.

£19.80 £22.00

Action Dinosaurs - SECONDS

This item has damaged packaging. Contents are intact.

£6.99 £13.99

Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

Noah's Shape Sorter Ark on wheels in painted wood with cheerful imagery - and with 23 pieces there's so much to play with!

£28.80 £32.00

Camping Set - SECONDS

This item has damaged packaging. Contents are intact.

£14.50 £29.00

Shaving in the Bath

Lather up for a nice clean shave like Daddy.  Role play toy for the bath with paraben free foam and safe plastic razor!

£8.99 £9.99

Bath Tub Hoopla

Bath time hoopla fun for all the family to practice their aim while enjoying a soak!

£5.99 £6.99

Named Duffle Bag

Exclusive to Mulberry Bush! Superb quality washable cotton duffle bags with waterproof lining and zipped front pocket. Available in number of fabric styles, personalised with your child's name.

Allow 7 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

£24.00 £29.00

Named Kit Bag

Exclusive to Mulberry Bush! Superb quality washable cotton kit bags with waterproof lining. Available in a variety of fabrics, personalised with your child's name.


Blue Stripe Fabric is no longer available.

Allow 7 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

£15.99 £20.00

Lily Anna Deluxe Riding Doll

Have an equestrian adventure with a superb quality poseable doll with 2 sets of clothes!

£45.00 £49.00

Our Generation Jenny Baking Doll

A beautifully made, Our Generation poseable doll with pretty, removable clothes. Supplied with a story book and lots of kitchen accessories to play along with the story “The Sweet Shoppe Mystery”

£45.00 £49.00
Out of stock

Match & Count Game

Beautifully illustrated, colourful first counting puzzle, match the number with the correct number of items. Set contains 20 x 2-piece puzzles, numbered 1 - 20.

£7.99 £8.99

Rocket Game

Blast into space with this great counting and matching game! Spin the spinner and pick a card – the rocket with the most loop-the-loops wins the game! For 2 – 6 players.

£7.99 £8.99

Match & Spell Game

A teacher tested, fun first reading game with two ways to play!

£7.99 £8.99

Magnetic Money

A fun, interactive set to practice essential life skills and learn all about money! The perfect present for young entrepreneurs!

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic First Maths

A fun interactive set to learn maths. Counting to 20, addition and subtraction.

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic First Writing

A fun interactive set to learn to read and write letters and words.

£10.99 £11.99

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