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Magnetic First Maths

A fun interactive set to learn maths. Counting to 20, addition and subtraction.

£10.99 £11.99

Bath Tub Hoopla

Bath time hoopla fun for all the family to practice their aim while enjoying a soak!

£5.99 £6.99

Rainbow in My Room

An LED light projector to create beautiful rainbows in darkened rooms.

£19.99 £22.00

Match & Count Game

Beautifully illustrated, colourful first counting puzzle, match the number with the correct number of items. Set contains 20 x 2-piece puzzles, numbered 1 - 20.

£7.99 £8.99

Rocket Game

Blast into space with this great counting and matching game! Spin the spinner and pick a card – the rocket with the most loop-the-loops wins the game! For 2 – 6 players.

£7.99 £8.99

Match & Spell Game

A teacher tested, fun first reading game with two ways to play!

£7.99 £8.99

Fashion Design Sketchbook - Graphic Jungle

Encourage budding fashion designers with this inspiring sketchbook with over 90 stickers & stencils

£5.99 £7.99

Latches Board

Such a great idea with lots to fiddle with!  Open the doors and windows to reveal colourful animals, but first you must work out how to operate the different latches!

£23.00 £25.00

Salt Powered Car

Build a car and make it run using only salt water with this fantastic scientific project kit.
£5.99 £7.99

Shaggy Dog Stories

Hilarious game of telling tall tales, while hiding 3 whacky words which the other players try to guess.

£4.99 £7.99

Magnetic Spanish Words

A fun, interactive way to learn first Spanish vocabulary, numbers, colours, greetings and more.

£10.99 £11.99

Okideoke Microphone

Handheld microphone with pre-recorded tunes to sing to, record and playback, 3 x AAA batteries included

£19.99 £25.00

Height Chart - Dalmatian

Dalmatian Height Chart

£18.99 £30.00

Height Chart - Cat

Height Chart - Cat

£18.99 £30.00

Height Chart - Teddy

Height Chart - Teddy

£18.99 £30.00

Height Chart - Horse

Height Chart Horse Handpainted wood from Emma Jefferson.

£12.99 £30.00

Colour Scroller

The perfect travelling companion! A sturdy little lap or table top drawing desk fitted with a roll of pictures ready for colouring in and a clip shut drawer bursting with chunky crayons.

£8.99 £9.99

Fun Buttons

Fun activity set for children.
Set of 40 colourful sturdy plastic buttons.
£5.99 £6.99

Buccaneers Pirate Fort

Fun filled pirate fort for swashbuckling buccaneer adventures!

£47.00 £55.00

Favourite Things Stamper Set

Great value set of 26 assorted wooden stampers,stamp pad and colouring pencils.
£11.99 £12.99

Stampers - Dinosaur

Nine wooden dinosaur themed stampers art set in a wooden box from Melissa & Doug.
£10.99 £11.99

Stampers - Friendship

A pretty set of nine wooden stampers contained in a wooden box from Melissa & Doug.
£10.99 £11.99

Lunch Box Game

Race to find healthy items to fill your lunch box in this fun memory game by Orchard Toys.

£7.99 £8.99

Magnetic French Words

A fun, interactive set to learn French vocabulary, colours, numbers, greetings and more!

£10.99 £11.99

Stampers - Animal

Super box of animal image stampers and ink pad, contained in a wooden box.
£11.99 £12.99

Wooden Caterpillar with Gears

Wooden Caterpillar with Gears is a delightful toy to fascinate toddlers with colour and movement.
£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Money

A fun, interactive set to practice essential life skills and learn all about money! The perfect present for young entrepreneurs!

£10.99 £11.99

Magnetic Star Chart

Magnetic reward chart with pre-printed activities and blanks for your own activities!

£10.99 £11.99

My First Dream House Set

Beautiful painted wooden dolls’ house with a 37 piece starter set of furniture.  Incredible value wooden dolls house.

£105.00 £125.00

Dinosaur Puzzles Box

Dinosaur fans will have great fun with a set of 4 different wooden puzzles.
£8.99 £9.99

Funky Letters

Personalise a room or door etc with these funky self adhesive pink wooden letters. Please specify the child's name in the box and select the number of letters required - the price will then be calculated, at £1.50 per letter.

£1.50 £2.50

Flipper Foot Champions Pinball

Beautifully made and finished wooden flipper football game. Flip the ball and see who can score the most goals!

£37.00 £47.00

DIY Gamer Kit (with Arduino)

An adventurous and inspirational DIY set to make a hand held gaming device kit that you assemble from scratch using the components provided - requires tools, a soldering iron and internet access to download the step-by-step making manuals and installing free Arduino Uno software (the brain of your gamer).
£49.00 £69.00

Dino's Garage

Robust multi level wooden garage with working lift and spiral ramps is fantastic fun.

£69.00 £85.00

Who's on the Farm

A beautifully illustrated first puzzle with farm imagery, designed to encourage observation and discussion by Orchard Toys.

£7.99 £8.99

Sounds Blocks - Vehicles

Wooden Vehicle Sounds Blocks from Melissa & Doug, match the pictures to hear 6 realistic vehicle sounds. Great fun!

£11.99 £12.99

First Knitting

Learn to knit with this easy to follow kit from Galt

£9.99 £10.99

Fairybelle Palace

A beautifully painted, wooden fairy palace with exquisite floral decoration, enchanting details, furniture and accessories.

£110.00 £125.00

Shape Sorting Clock

Colourful wooden teaching and sorting clock from Melissa & Doug.
£11.99 £12.99

Floating Whale

A happy floating whale with soft rubber fins for bath time adventures.
£9.99 £11.99

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