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Our wonderful range of high quality soft toys are perfect for your child to snuggle up with.

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Dragon Fastening Soft Toy

Delightful soft toy dragon, with different clothes fastenings to help teach little ones how to dress and fasten their own clothes. Perfect for little hands!


Harry Doll

Mischievous looking boy ragdoll with a cheeky face.


Jungle Skittles

A jolly indoor bowling game from Galt with 6 vivid animal skittles and a soft rainbow jingle ball.

Soft Baby Bear - Pink

A soft velour teddy bear in pink, the perfect baby gift.

£4.99 £6.99

Ringalings Teething Ring - Giraffe

Activity teething ring with a cheerful giraffe head and pattern.

Pink Bear Comforter

Pink teddy soother for comforting babies in the softest velour.

Soft Baby Bear - Blue

Soft velour teddy bear in blue, the perfect baby gift.
£4.99 £6.99

Blue Bear Comforter

Blue teddy soother for comforting babies in the softest velour.


Squeakaboo - Giraffe

Squeakaboo Giraffe is a soft squeaking, jingling tactile toy.

Squeakaboo - Rabbit

Bright yellow, happy faced Squeakaboo Rabbit is a soft, squeaking, jingly tactile toy for babies.

Footfinders and Wrist Rattles Set

Delightful bootee and wrist rattle set for hours of footfinding fun!

Ringalings - Duck

A vibrantly coloured activity teething ring with a cheery duck head.

Squeakaboo - Octopus

Squeakaboo Octopus, Bright, Colourful Babies toy

Bee Ringaling

A gorgeous black and yellow striped activity teething ring with a bee head in textured fabric.


Pig Squeakaboo

Soft, squeaky and tactile, the squeakaboo pig is the perfect size for little hands to hold.


Jungle Boing Ball

"Boing Boing!" This soft, squidgy ball makes a glorious "boinging" noise to little one's great delight!

Farm Tails Boing Ball  

Soft, squidgy ball with animal pictures and glorious reverberating boing sound!

Monkey Stacker

Soft Monkey Stacker toy in bright colours


Jungly Tails

Soft cloth book with 8 jungly tails and a squeaker from Jellycat.


Farm Tails Book

Stimulating soft cloth book with crinkly pages and 8 exciting differently textured tails peeping out!


First Friend Emily Doll

Soft, safe huggable first doll in stimulating bold colours and patterns


Penny Rag Doll

Traditional soft rag doll, with woollen hair and smiling features.


Dog Ringaling

A blue and tan activity teething ring with a dog head in textured fabric.


Jess Doll

Pretty Jess is a soft ragdoll with timeless appeal.

A great selection of soft toys for babies, with rattles, comfort blankets, soothers and lots more. Soft toys are designed for the first few months, from when babies can grip, reach for things, find their feet and begin to use their hands.