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Atomic Power Popper

Rapid fire pump action gun that shoots air powered foam balls.
£18.00 £18.99

Dino Popper

Have fun with a friendly dinosaur shooter and soft foam balls.

£9.00 £9.99

Penguin Popper

Pop, pop, pop a penguin popper!

£9.00 £9.99

Pig Popper

Squeeze the pig to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres.

£9.00 £9.99

Shark Popper

Squeeze the shark to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres.

£9.00 £9.99

Unicorn Popper

Pop, pop, pop a unicorn popper!

£9.00 £9.99

Narwhal Popper

Squeeze the narwhal to launch soft foam balls up to 6 metres!

£9.00 £9.99

Wonder Trumps

Entertaining genius trumps card game comparing anything with everything!

£6.00 £6.99

Baby Impressions - Plastercasting

All you need to create plaster cast hands and feet of your baby or toddler in an easy to use kit.

£7.00 £7.99

Silly Safari

Be the first to spot the missing safari animal in this fun, frantic card game or observation and matching!  For 2 – 5 players

£9.00 £9.99

Slam Dice - Words

The shake ‘n’ play word game, perfect for home or travel for 2 or more players.

£9.00 £9.99

Eye Spy with My Little Eye

Flip a letter card and race to be the first to find something beginning with that letter from the playing board. 

£14.00 £14.99

Baffled Memory Game

An ingenious memory game for all the family that gives children and adults an equal chance of winning.

£21.00 £21.99

Pass the Pen

Can you draw something recognisable in 10 seconds? That’s all you’ll get with this speedy game for all the family!


Founded in 1986, Cheatwell Games are a UK company who have gained an unrivalled reputation for the design and development of innovative games, toys, puzzles and gifts.