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Whether you are looking for fun puzzles and games, bright and colourful toys or arts and crafts kits the range from James Galt provides fantastic high-quality, great value toys for children of all ages. 


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Blood, Bones & Body Bits

Investigate the workings of the Human body with the Horrible Science set – a STEM science kit with plenty of gruesome experiments!


Explosive Experiments

An explosive STEM science kit to blow your mind!


Glitter Tattoo Kit

Adorn your body with stunning glitter tattoos and be the envy of all your friends!

Junior Ball Run

Little ones will delight in this fun junior ball run – similar to a marble run but with large chunky pieces and 5 balls, 2 with faces, 2 with rattles and a transparent mirror ball.


Nail Art Designer Kit

Create amazing nail designs with a collection of nail varnish, nail pens, stickers, tattoos and gems.



Classic building toy, consisting of 48 translucent pieces that interlock.


Rainbow Block Pad  

Multi-coloured A4 art and craft paper pad.

Rainbow Lab

An exciting rainbow laboratory with 12 colourful experiments including creating a rainbow in a test tube - Fascinating!


Savage Storms Kit

Five wicked weather experiments to learn about our amazing weather – create snow storms and icy tendrils, tornados and thunder – indoors!

Science Lab

A great science kit for the younger child with lots of equipment and components to perform 20 fun experiments. Requires the addition of easily accessible household ingredients to perform some experiments.


Slime Lab

Create a selection of gummy, slimy and gloopy experiments with this STEM learning scientific set.


Ted in a Box (Ambi)

Simple and robust ted in a box for a younger child. Handy sized pop up toy with a teddy inside, press the button and up he pops with a squeak!

Two in One Playnest

Double sided play nest with soft resting area for young babies and supportive activity centre for older babies when you turn it over!

£25.00 £36.00

Water Magic Pictures

Magical picture cards that reveal hidden colourful pictures when you use the water pen!


Art Jar

An incredible amount of exciting art and craft materials packed into a bucket for budding artists and modellers! Includes a fun ideas sheet too!

Beastly Body Bits Puzzle

An Horrible Science 300 piece brain bending jigsaw to learn how the body works.

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First Knitting

Learn to knit with this easy to follow kit from Galt


First Sewing

Learn how to sew with an easy- to-follow beginners' kit from Galt.


Frog In A Box

Frog in a Box, from Galt, is a soft fun version of the classic Jack in the Box, where the frog jumps right out of the box!



Jungle Skittles

A jolly indoor bowling game from Galt with 6 vivid animal skittles and a soft rainbow jingle ball.

Playnest Car

The soft, easily inflatable Playnest Car makes a safe play area for little ones. Many interactive features to keep children entertained for hours AND it's washable too!


Pop-up People

Press the 4 colourful people to make them pop up and down to delight babies and toddlers. Very popular stimulating and entertaining wooden toy from Galt.

Jungle Wind Ups

Create four jungle animal wind-ups using modelling clay and wind up mechanisms, ready to race on a track!

£10.99 £12.99

Shocking Rocket

Build a rocket and fire it into a wide-open space, learning about the science of forces at the same time.