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The range from House of Marbles is all about encouraging kids to be active and creative in their play.

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Marble Games Pack

Marble Games Pack, including wooden scoring archboard, approx 50 marbles and much more!


Little Box of Marbles

A little box, brimming with a variety of different glass marbles, with a cotton drawstring bag and leaflet full of games to play.  Approx 17 marbles.


Bash a Burglar

Bash a Burglar game - fantastic marble target game. Shoot marbles from the drawstring swag bag to send the burglars spinning!!!



A set of Tiddlywinks, a traditional family game of skill.



Dominoes, classic set of traditional dominoes.


Cat's Cradle

Traditional playground game of Cat’s Cradle with soft cord and full instructions


Jacks Game

Popular timeless game of skill and dexterity will bring back fond memories of schooldays.


Pocket Kite

Foldaway, lightweight pocket kite. No sticks, no assembly but great flyer with 35 metre line.



Create super swirly spiral patterns simply with this great little 7-piece set!  Select a disc and place it against the inside of the larger ring and off you go!


Flowers Skipping Rope

A wooden handled skipping rope, painted in bright pink with daisies.


18 Paper Planes

Make and fly 18 stunning paper planes.


Sky Diver

Skydiver with parachute for flying fun!


Peacock Kaleidoscope

Beautiful peacock imagery decorates the outside of this robust kaleidoscope


Wooden Clockwork Train

A little clockwork train, wind it up and off it goes!


Compendium of Games

A must for every household,  this compendium contains over 50 traditional family games, from the familiar and some to learn that need no accessories at all!


Wooden Magic Unicorn Press-Up

Super quality wooden push-up unicorn. Press the base to watch her dance!


Clockwork Submarine

Smart little submarine with clever clockwork wind-up action is a best seller


Wooden Football Rattle

Brightly painted wooden football rattle, loud enough to please little ones but quiet enough to not drive the family mad!  Assorted colours/designs. 


Penguin Bowling

Ten wooden penguin skittles and 2 wooden balls with a cotton storage bag.