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These unique our generation dolls are so much fun to play with and come with a choice of outfits and great accessories too. If you are looking for a lovely gift for a child, an Our Generation doll could be the answer!

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Rose Retro Doll

Rose is a stunning vinyl and soft bodied doll with closing eyes and removable clothes.


Our Generation - April Doll

Our Generation April Doll with soft body, poseable limbs and long auburn hair.


Arlee Doll

Our Generation Arlee Doll with soft body, poseable limbs and long light auburn hair.


Holly Doll

Our Generation Holly Doll with soft body, poseable limbs and long blonde hair.


Ayla Doll

Ayla, the superb quality doll with closing eyes and soft body for easy dressing. Dressed in removable silver grey cardigan and vest with dusky pink tiered skirt, tights and shoes and long auburn hair.


Brielle Doll

Our Generation Brielle Doll with dark blond wavy hair, soft body, poseable limbs and trendy summer outfit!

£27.00 £33.00

Holiday Haven Doll

Our Generation Holiday Haven Doll with soft body, poseable limbs, black curly hair and party clothes.

Out of stock

Pia Doll

Pia is a trendy doll with a pony tail of blonde hair that magically grows at the touch of a button (and hair winds back in too)!  With poseable limbs, soft body and closing eyes.  Dressed in removable outfit and shoes with hair accessories and hair style guide.

£35.00 £42.00

Phoebe Blonde Hairgrow Doll

Phoebe is a beautiful Our Generation doll with blonde hair that magically grows at the touch of a button!


Parker Brunette Hairgrow Doll

Parker is a trendy Our Generation doll with brunette hair that magically grows at the touch of a button (and hair winds back in too)! Dressed in removable outfit and shoes with hair accessories and hair style guide.


Jenny Baking Doll

A beautifully made, Our Generation poseable doll with pretty, removable clothes. Supplied with a story book and lots of kitchen accessories to play along with the story “The Sweet Shoppe Mystery”

£45.00 £49.00

Lily Anna Deluxe Riding Doll

Have an equestrian adventure with a superb quality poseable doll with 2 sets of clothes!

£45.00 £49.00

Ginger Doll

A beautiful, poseable Our Generation doll with a soft body and jointed limbs, opening and closing eyes and long blonde hair. Dressed in a red party dress, knickers and shoes, the soft body makes dressing and undressing easy.


Anya Doll

Our Generation Anya Doll with long blond hair, pierced ears, soft body, poseable limbs and pretty party outfit!  Complete with jewellery, hair accessories and 3 pairs of ear-rings for pierced ears.

£37.00 £42.00

Nicola Doctor Doll

Inspirational Our Generation doll, dressed as a doctor with removeable lab coat, medical accessories and equipment.  Nicola has long dark brown hair, closing eyes, poseable limbs and a soft body.

£39.00 £45.00

Our Generation School Uniform

Our Generation Perfect Score Deluxe Outfit, dress up your favourite Our Generation Doll, or other 46 cm doll


Snuggle Up Doll's Pyjamas

Dressing gown and pyjama set with slippers.


Dolls Outfit - Spotty Dress & Stole

Pretty polka dot dress and accessories to fit Our Generation dolls

£15.99 £18.99

Riding in Style Doll's Outfit

De Luxe riding outfit and accessories to fit Our Generation and other 46 cms. Dolls.

Out of stock

Bright As the Sun Doll's Outfit

Summery outfit for 46 cm doll with heart printed sleeveless dress, embroidered jacket, sunglasses, sandals and handbag.


Trista Styling Head

Quality Our Generation doll styling head with long blonde hair, style guide and accessories to add flair to hair!



Our Generation offer an exquisite range of beautifully crafted dolls, suitable for age 3+. The Our Generation dolls selection includes adorable accessories such as school outfits, pretty party dresses and cute pajamas. Our Generation dolls really help playtime come to life.

The Our Generation collection at Mulberry Bush

Here at Mulberry Bush we understand the importance of carefully selecting toys that your children will cherish. As a result we only stock high quality, long lasting toys that will truly bring play time to life. Our Generation dolls have been selected as they are guaranteed to spark your child’s imagination.