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We have a great selection of football themed toys for children that your little football fan is sure to absolutely love!

Football Toys & Games

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Table Football

Time for a game of football with this brilliant value table football set.

Air Soccer Disk

Get sporty with an innovative hovering disk for indoor or outdoor play.


Football Game

One for the "footie" fans! A board game from Orchard, be the first to score a goal to win in this exciting Football Game.

CUBE BOOK - World Football

Full of fascinating football statistics because “Football’s not a matter of life or death…… It’s much more important than that” Bill Shankley. Compact, cleverly jointed cube book.


Finger Football

Everything you need for a game of finger footie!


Magnetic Football Chart

A magnetic table to keep track of 92 teams in the top 4 leagues.

Our great range of football themed toys for children include a Table Football, a variety of fun football-related games and a magnetic football chart - which is perfect for keeping track of the top 4 leagues throughout the season!