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Smartlab toys are both educational and fun. They help with your children's learning and development while keeping them entertained and occupied at the same time!

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Human Body

Explore the workings of the amazing human body with this interactive Human Body Kit.


Squishy Brain Kit

Build a brain and then pick it apart!


Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

Brilliant 53 piece set of quaking, shaking, building-breaking fun!  Assemble your structure and put it to the test on a motorized shake table with real quake action. 


Demolition Lab

A classic build it up and knock it down game with a huge difference! Build your structure, set the blasters, detonate and BOOM it’s demolished!

Out of stock

Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House

Design and build amazing architecture with lights, motion and sound using this unique set containing over 60 pieces. 

Out of stock