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Rush Hour Junior

A new version of the popular traffic jam logic game with four levels of challenge for all ages. Encourages problem solving and makes a great travel game.

£17.99 £21.99

Laser Maze

A laser beam bending game of logical thinking!  With 60 challenge cards of varying difficulty the player has to arrange tokens on the grid, laid out as the card and work out how to position extra tokens to deflect the beam to find the path to hit the target.


Code Master

Fascinating, problem solving adventure board game for one player that builds planning skills and sequential reasoning to teach coding using an offline approach. Use programming logic to help your Avatar collect crystals and land at the portal.  With 60 skill levels, each with only one specific sequence of actions that is correct. 


Gravity Maze

A falling marble logic game,  choose a challenge card and build a path through the towers to get the marble to the target and you win. 


ThinkFun are passionate about their effort to make learning fun. Every game, brainteaser and puzzle they create has an educational benefit. They pride themselves on being the spark that ignites young minds and gives children an early learning advantage.