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Laser Maze

A laser beam bending game of logical thinking!  With 60 challenge cards of varying difficulty the player has to arrange tokens on the grid, laid out as the card and work out how to position extra tokens to deflect the beam to find the path to hit the target.


Gravity Maze

A falling marble logic game,  choose a challenge card and build a path through the towers to get the marble to the target and you win. 


Domino Maze

All the thrills of a classic domino run and a logic puzzle too!  Choose from 60 dynamic challenges,  set the tokens on the grid and create a chain reaction domino effect to topple them over around the blockers,  through the pivots and down the stairs.  A brilliant logic puzzle with 4 levels of challenge.


River Crossing

Help the hiker find a route across the river using a set of magnetic planks, tree stumps and puzzle challenge cards.  Lay a puzzle card on the game grid and add the stumps through the holes in the card and the planks where indicated.  Place the hiker on start and manipulate the planks one at a time to help the hiker across the river.  A game of logic and reasoning that can be played alone.  Supplied with a drawstring bag, so a great travel game too!


Cat Crimes

A “who’s to blame” game of logic.  Use your problem-solving powers to uncover the identity of the guilty cat by reading the clues, the cat “suspect bios” and your logical deduction skills.

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